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the legend

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  1. Polaris
    2015-03-01 00:48
    Yeah, don't mind it, I do it often

    Also, I had a talk with my father, he is one of the few people in the world who can convince me, because the way we think is surprisingly similar.
  2. Polaris
    2015-02-27 12:53
    I see what you mean, true, people have more opinion about music than buildings, as such, they don't really care for who built an appartment.
    But about your post, for a musician to sell his music, (s)he needs a publisher, no ?

    No wait... It is totally different, a builder can't build a building alone, and he isn't the one to come up with the idea, right ^^'

    I think the central question is intellectual propriety, can people read a page from a book on a public radio ? What is sure is that they can't play music... You can record a song played on a radio, but you can't download it... All this stuff needs to be re-thought properly...
  3. Polaris
    2015-02-11 10:32
    Oh, it's nothing like that, I always was a fan of erotic drawings, I was just too shy to openly say it '

    I didn't want to make you feel uncomfortable, if I did I'm sorry
  4. Polaris
    2014-05-09 19:46
    Haha, what's gotten into you, being all emotional ?
    That avatar you made is nice, it stutters a bit, but I like it
  5. RGaspar
    2014-03-20 04:37
    Hi Legend :P

    Are you eager for the whole soccer world cup coming up in the next months in your country?

    Disclaimer: Not really a football fan
  6. Polaris
    2013-09-10 10:58
    OMD (Oh My Dog) ! It was your birthday and I missed it !


    (pfew, not too late)
  7. Lupin
    2013-07-29 23:29
    Searching for... "New Posts"...
  8. Streg
    2013-07-12 18:56
    You're giving me some "best post of the thread" achievements lately danke
  9. marcosmapf
    2013-07-08 19:42
    O mesmo que eu (19 em 2 semanas), ele que é uma MULA mesmo.
  10. marcosmapf
    2013-07-08 03:57
    A diferença é que você sabe tomar cuidado com essas coisas, igual eu. Meu irmão, por exemplo, que é um TAPADO, já tentaram roubar 4 vezes em meio ano e ele foi realmente roubado duas. Imagina isso em São Paulo (capital), onde a taxa de crime é muito maior? onde é cheio de favela e se você virar uma esquina errada você é assaltado e perde seu carro? A maioria da população não tem tanta maldade igual alguns tem (eu mesmo não sou perfeito nisso, mas tento melhorar) então é muito facil ser roubado por ai.

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    Greetings, MBNer. I wish only to know you and to share my knowledge with you. Have trust in my friendship!
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    Polaris: "And what is a guitar doing in the middle of an asteroïd anyway?"
    sgk: Think of it this way: it's like a message in a bottle. In our world, we put a message inside a bottle to protect it while it travels through the oceans to reach some other island. In other worlds, they put a message inside an asteroid to protect it while it travels through space to reach some other planet. In this case it is a gift, a guitar, rather than just a message.


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