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  1. [Sacred Carrot] Site launched
  2. [LBA Prequel] Website launched!!
  3. [LBA Prequel] Job Openings Announced
  4. [LBA Prequel] The Prequel Team Welcomes Our Newest Member!
  5. [LBA Prequel] Sound Engineer/Mixer Needed; Job Openings Updates
  6. [LBA Prequel] Send Us Your Samples!
  7. [LBA Prequel] Audition Scripts Updated; FTP Auditions Scrapped (Please Send All Samples Through Email!)
  8. [LBA Prequel] LBA Prequel Team Welcomes Two New Members; Sound Engineer Job Closed!
  9. [LBA Prequel] Female Voices Wanted
  10. [LBA Prequel] Let Us Know What You Think!
  11. [LBA Prequel] New Audition Script Added; Character Update
  12. [LBA Prequel] Wikipedia Writer Wanted!
  13. [LBA:TGR] Website launched...
  14. [LBA:TGR] Welcome to new Team member!
  15. [LBA:TGR] Open tasks...
  16. [Sacred Carrot] LBAnimator Studio v1.1 released!!!
  17. [LBA Prequel] Welcome Marek Šimá?ek and Victor Allard!
  18. [LBA Prequel] Welcome Maarten Amkreutz!
  19. [LBA Prequel] Project Planification Update!
  20. [LBA:TGR] Welcome to three new Team members...
  21. [LBA Prequel] Keep Sending Your Auditions!
  22. [LBA Prequel] Welcome Whitney Hills!
  23. [LBA:TGR] Major website update!
  24. [LBA:TGR] Welcome to two new team members!
  25. [LBA:TGR] 3-D modellers needed!
  26. [LBA Prequel] Welcome Marie France!
  27. [Sacred Carrot] LBA Screen Viewer v1.5 released!!!
  28. [LBA Prequel] Newsletter Coming Soon - Sign Up Now!!!
  29. [Sacred Carrot] LBA Story Coder v0.5.0 released!!!
  30. [LBA Prequel] New Surprises for a New Year!!!
  31. [LBA Prequel] Welcome Ido Beeri!
  32. [LBA Prequel] Last Chance to Sign-Up for the Prequel Newsletter
  33. [LBA Prequel] Character Portraits Uploaded!
  34. [LBA Prequel] Issue #1 - LBA Prequel Newsletter RELEASED!!!
  35. [LBA Prequel] Newsletter Update - Subscribers ::: PLEASE READ :::
  36. [LBA Prequel] LBA Prequel Recognized by PTGamers.com
  37. [LBA Prequel] PHP/MySQL Programmer Wanted!
  38. [LBA Prequel] Voice Talent Still Needed - Audition Today!
  39. [LBA Prequel] Prequel Job Opening - Experienced 3D Modeler Needed!
  40. [LBA Prequel] The LBA Prequel is a bit Sheepish...
  41. [LBA Prequel] Issue #2 - LBA Prequel Newsletter RELEASED!!!
  42. [LBA:TGR] We're Back into bussiness
  43. [LBA Prequel] LBA Prequel Website Back Up!
  44. [LBA Prequel] LBA Prequel Poll Results
  45. [LBA Prequel] .BMP-to-.FLA Converter by MGLC
  46. [Sacred Carrot] New version of LBA Screen Viewer
  47. [LBA Prequel] Actors Wanted - Final Casting Begins Soon
  48. [Sacred Carrot] Another Screen Viewer release!!
  49. [LBA Prequel] Introducting the LBA Prequel Developer's Blog
  50. [LBA Prequel] LBA Prequel - Teaser Movie #1
  51. [LBA Prequel] Interview with OBrasilo
  52. [LBA:TGR] we're hiring :)
  53. [LBA Prequel] Demo Delayed...Shame On Us
  54. [Sacred Carrot] Change domain!!
  55. [Sacred Carrot] LBAnimator Studio v0.1.2 is out!!
  56. [LBA Prequel] Don't worry, we are still alive...
  57. [LBA Prequel] NEW Screenshots and Commentary Released
  58. [LBA Prequel] Prequel Job Opening - Experienced C/C++ Programmer Needed!
  59. [LBA:TGR] This project is still alive!
  60. [LBA:TGR] The website is back!
  61. 2Dark - Adeline/Fred/Yael/Didier everybody is back!