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2001-05-25, 19:32
I need someone to help develop and keep the RMP site updated.( http://lba.3dup.net )
It needs a lot of work, and I haven't got the time (Two busy with my other site and the test renders)
I don't really care what the site looks like, as long as its fast loading, and can easily be updated.
Any Volunteers?

2001-05-26, 03:15
sorry, no time :( i´m doing 3 sites.. but when i get time, i can do it for you.

2001-05-26, 11:28
I would do it, but I don't want it to look ugly..
Besides, I like the way it looks now.

2001-05-26, 12:55
Nope, I'm busy too, so I could not maintain the site. I could however make a database-driven website so it can be updated very easy.

2001-05-26, 19:17
A database driven website would be good, but I am not sure that 3DUP sapports it.

2001-05-28, 21:21
3DUP sux (sorry)

It might be fast, but there are banners and pop-up's everywhere and it supports nothing but HTML. Maybe CGI too...?

Nah, a database driven site would come at F2S.

2001-05-28, 21:50
err..what banners?
There only the one at the top.
3DUP, supports quite a lot, but I am not two sure how much can be controlled.
Most of the stuff is made to be 'user friendly', so if you want a web-counter you just go to the menus are put one in.
The same applies to Forums and Forms.

2001-05-28, 21:59
I once visited your site and I got a pop-up, so I think they do it sometimes. And I don't see any special features anywhere, only "host 2000 pages or 500 images for free".

2001-05-28, 23:28
I have found a good solution

I use F2S as main provider (commes website and etc.), than I also use other provider who allow outside linking, but I'm smart enough to put the picture page on it so that they won't think I only use their account as a 'back up'

2001-05-29, 11:23
Thats a good idea, that way I get to keep the good name (lba.3dup.net)

2001-05-31, 19:50
Ok, I am making a new site myself.

I know you were all just about to volunteer, but its to late now.I am making another site AS well as doing RMP animation's AND working on the LBA-Ball game AND doing working on my non-LBA web site AND working on my Non-LBA Game.

2001-06-01, 21:06
but you shouldn't make a new site... the current site is fine...

2001-06-05, 12:44
I dont mind doing the updates to the site but im bad at doing layouts. El should be perfect for that!

2001-06-05, 14:53
Ok, I have almost finnished the site.
Its a (very) basic site, no frames, no Flash, no pop-up windows.
Its should load extreamly fast.
Axx - Once the site is up, It should be fairly simple to update- so I should be able to do it myself.
Thanks for the offer anyway.

2001-06-05, 20:41
Well, I can't wait to see it:)

2001-07-05, 14:33
Hi darkflame it's dan. i had a free lesson so i signed up. c ya

2001-07-05, 15:05

2001-07-05, 17:04
so shull i do the updates?

2001-07-05, 20:30
Hey Axx, I've attached the FunFrock voice files in the "Voice audition" thread for you!