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2006-06-29, 13:43
I think this project is going to take a (long) while to be completed. As seen in the goal thread I made a list of things I think need to be done, in that order.

There are a couple of issues that need to be sorted out. Somethings will be quite easy to do but others won't. So before we start doing grunt work we first need so solve a couple of issues.
I want the communication to be as clean as possible so therefor I'm going to enforce a strict posting policy. Only moderators will be able to start threads in this forum. All threads will be about a certain subject depending on the phase it belongs to. It's important to keep the threads on topic.

So this thread is part of the first phase and it is about the project organisation in general. I will create a couple of other threads belonging to the same phase that will be used to solve certain design issues. If you come up with any other design issues besides the already posted we can create a new thread about that in order to solve it.

The current design issues I forsee are:

Different times; LBA1 Twinsun vs LBA2 Twinsun
Detail maps(e.g. the "satellite maps"); hand drawn, skewed tiles, custommade tiles, ..?
What to do with unknown areas
Points of interest

The actual threads will be created at a later stage. So if you can think of other design issues let us know.

Stay on topic!

2006-06-29, 19:25
I think that everything should be in LBA2 style, as that's how it is "now", as it were.
About the unknown areas, maybe you could make them up, probably just use a little common sense. Or just make that part of the map blurrey? I believe this is how Google maps appear before they load.
I don't think I can help much in the actual contribution but if you need some average joe to help, count me in!

2006-06-29, 21:51
I said stay on topic. This isn't the topic to discus those issues yet.

Please if you want to actively participate and/or see possible design issues please let me know in here. In any other case you can post in the thread in the general forum

2006-08-18, 12:56
Just to bump this project more into developement I've hacked together a quick preview:

Only one zoom level for the moment, and the map used is ofcourse simply the holomap texture from LBA1. This texture needs to be fixed ofcourse.

Anyway, I think phase 1 is pretty much complete so we can continue. I think the initial phase layout is good enough. So next up is phase 2. I propose we start with working out Twinsun before we work on the rest.