View Full Version : Phase 1.4: Points of interest [design issue]

2006-07-16, 21:07
Having a map is one thing. Having information in the map makes it useful.
So, we need points of interest, city names, etc.

Because there will, eventually, two versions of Twinsun the points of interest (POI) will need to be tagged to be for either LBA1, LBA2 or both. It would be best to make this a multi selection feature in case we are going to extend it for LBA3.

So what kind of POIs do we have:

Sights (like the Lighthouse and rune stones?)
Sewer entrences?
Historic locations (like the landing site on the halamalyi, places where Twinsun did important quest elements)

It would be best if a clear distinction is created between the various POIs so people can enable\disable them on the map.
Certain POIs can clearly be pin pointed, others can't (like the first three in the above list). These might need to be put on an overlay map (like the hybrid mode on google maps).

Ofcourse there's another issues. Creation of the pin pointed POIs. There are clearly a lot of them. And it might be a lot of work. So we might need to create some kind of moderation system for it. Or maybe restrict the creation of the POIs to moderators and add a public suggest feature.