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2001-06-10, 17:16
You have absolutely no idea how handy those .gif files you have extracted are!

They are very handy for me cause I was still searching for a decent picture of Twinsen. As you might have seen I'm trying to draw him for some while

for everyone els: take a look at them: http://www.magicball.net/images/renderings/lba1/unknown/

2001-06-10, 21:44
Nice pics indeed !

When I see the LBA1 pics it just gives me back the hunger to play it..... Man, stupid windows..... I'm gonna tweak my settings a bit, maybe I can get it to work. Otherwise I'm just gonna make a bootdisk, because I HAVE TO PLAY IT AGAIN!!

2001-06-11, 00:01
Is it me or does image number 7 have Jaffa Cakes in it :)
Well sort off...

2001-06-11, 10:58
don't know what those are darkflame ?!

2001-06-11, 12:18
You poor people....
(unless is called something else..).
Jaffa Cakes, are like mini cakes sold as biscuits, heres one:
Basically there Sponge ,Chocolate and an 'orange bit'

Dark Eyedol
2001-06-11, 20:32
That strange file...
Yeah, I sent that file to El Muerte and he extracted the strange GIF images... I'm very glad, Atresica, that they are usefull to you.
I read the news section on the MBN and I found out that the file Fla_gif.hqr comes with the floppy version of LBA/Relentless...cool...

It's rather strange because I don't have the floppy version but I have the file...

- Take care.

2001-06-11, 21:36
Do you own a release ? (budget release) or something.. that might explain something...

2001-06-12, 19:51
LOL, what is it with you and Jaffa Cakes, Dark?

2001-06-12, 22:04
Ah, THAT are Jaffa cakes :) I like them, especially the ones with that white stuff inside. Yum :9

The pics are nice indeed, high-res renderings.

Hey, I'd like to get the whole floppy version of the game if possible. Could it be uploaded or something? It won't take much space :)

2001-06-12, 22:50
JC's are probably quite high in my 'Best Things Ever' list.(just above 'Star-Wars' Lego :) )
They where apparently invent as a way round some obscure 'biscuit' tax.

2001-06-13, 02:07
So... Jaffa cakes have a political history? The plot thickens :eek:.

Wacko... I don't remember any 'white stuff' in Jaffa Cakes... maybe the ones you ate where out of date :p?

2001-06-16, 07:30
LBA 1 is the best PC game ever!:dkey:
Stupid MS Windows!:glove:
DOS all the way...:diploma:

2001-06-16, 12:13
Originally posted by Keds
Wacko... I don't remember any 'white stuff' in Jaffa Cakes... maybe the ones you ate where out of date :p? Maybe it was something else than a Jaffa cake, but it looked like those ones. It only had white stuff inside. Quite jummy :-9

2001-06-16, 14:38
I don't know about other countries, but there 3 versions in the UK:
1. Normal (Chocolate & Orange)
2. Lime (Chocolate & Lime centre [rare])
3. Completely covered in dark chocolate with orange centre (my favourite)