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2006-08-18, 13:06
We need to gather a collection of ingame representations of all areas that we can use as guidelines for the rest.

We are first going to start creating Twinsun as it was represented in LBA1.
So we need screenshots of all above ground locations. We could simply use LBA builder to create these screenshots. But ofcourse not everything was been designed in LBA, in two cases (citadel island and white leaf desert) we can use the LBA2 versions as guidelines.

So, coming up next are seperate threads for each island

2006-08-18, 14:13
Post your screens in the correct thread, or bug here to get the correct thread created.
Only submit screens of isolated areas, don't make up placement of areas on the islands. This ist subject to discussion.
Create smaller composition images that show how isolated areas are linked together.
To reduce size overhead save the images as PNG in 256 colors with a max resolution of 800x800 (e.g. try not to create images larger than 150kb). High detailed screenshots are not needed, these images are needed for orientation and reference.
Post only one screen per post, this way we can refer to the screens by the post number in the thread (like this is post #2).

You can use downloads/programs/development/lbarchitect to create screenshots of scenes.

2006-08-18, 15:10
First one hemisphere. That's take more than enough time.

As seen with the construction of Citadel Island the holomap form doesn't really fit the in game form of the island. How are we going to solve this? Assume the holomap isn't correct?

2006-10-22, 18:51
What has yet to be done before we can get to the next phase?

There's no activity in here mainly because there's nothing to do.

2006-10-22, 21:53
well.. some islands are not complete yet.. e.g. no indication where certain scenes are on the island

2006-10-23, 01:12
The Relentless Guide I have could help us a bit make this since describe all islands. I'll check it.

2006-10-23, 20:50
Do in-game representations include the cutscenes? Places like Polar Island are pictured in both the LBA 1 and the LBA 2 ending movie.

2006-10-23, 21:02
they could help with filling in the certain blanks, but often they are not very usable for map creating

2006-12-03, 21:49
Are there any more locations to be clarified?
Any more holomap work to do?
A list of work to do maybe?

2006-12-04, 10:58
- Fortress Island
- White Leaf Desert

2006-12-09, 22:18
- Fortress Island
- White Leaf Desert

Well, what's next?

2006-12-10, 17:08
It would be nice if you just said that you've read my posts.

2006-12-10, 17:12
actually I was trying to decypher the goals that I layed out...

I think we can move up to combine all the data into schematic layouts of the islands. The big question ofcourse would be: how?.