View Full Version : Application to get into the Team!

2006-11-04, 17:28
I would to become a beta tester, if you guys need one
sorry i have not got much to ask, am no good at anything else

2006-11-04, 17:58
I don't think there's any call for beta testers at the current stage of the game, but OBras will probably recruit you anyways.


2006-11-05, 00:13
- panadol: Sure, you're welcome to be our beta tester, althoguh there's not much to beta-test right now. ;)

2006-11-05, 11:01
Meh asking now so later on with this project you guys ask for beta testers and i will miss out becuase got too mcuh school work on my hands atm :|

2006-12-31, 00:51
I Didnt want to start a new thread but i wanted to join the team. I was just wondering if your needed any more artists for static images and icons for the inventory.

2007-01-01, 01:59
- BusyBee: You're in! Just register here: http://lnx.obrasilero.com/forum, since the Team Sub-Forum is there, and you will need access to it.
Oh, and PM me your real name for the Team list (if you want, though). ;)

2007-01-01, 06:31
Thankyou very much :D

2007-01-01, 16:00
- BusyBee: Please, post all your subsequent project-related work in the Team Sub-Forum.

Other than that, it looks cool! I just need to smoothen its edges a bit, give it a more textured feel, and it will be perfect. :cool: