View Full Version : Hows this project going?

2007-08-04, 11:36
I didnt have time to contribute myself, but I liked the idea of this, so I wondered what was happening?

Been looking at the Google map API a bit while studying their GWT.
Seems incredibly flexible.

If we do get GoogleMap's of LBA, we could easily add our own features and maybe even some simple games. (Theres quite a few google map games out there, purhapes the Risk one being the most complex yet).

2007-08-04, 14:27
it's not going well, actually stranded at creating the maps, map drawing is difficult

2007-08-05, 09:58
Well, purhapes going back to a more technical approach?

At least, for some islands, its possible to extract the shape from the tiles themselfs.

That is, for each isometrix tile we draw a matching overhead one.
It then should be possible to take the data from the game as a grid of numbers corripsonding to tiles, and then end up with an accurate-to-gameplay-layout overhead map which is fairly detailed.

Of course, this wont deal with all the missing sections we have with islands you move about ver vechiles. But purhapes with these chucks and the holomap we can take a good guess at the inbetween data?
Idly, it would be nice to have a tile-layout/painting style program for it, but at the basic level a spreadsheet should be able to handel the data. (or, well, any 2D array).