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2007-08-04, 14:41
Though the project is dead, I did compose music for it anyway.
Some of it is just rubbish, some are better and some most of them are not finished yet. Some of it got rejected already, because it wouldn't fit in the game and because BusyBee wanted to have the old LBA music remixed as faster racing game music.
I don't have a good program to make mod-files, so it will be midi, just like the LBA1 music (as I used it).

The ZIP contains 6 'songs':
CR - one of the oldest, by me
ER - longest one by me
GR - a remix of a original track
ID12 - by me
nighty - a remix of an original track (BusyBee asked me to cut the original part from it, but this is the full one)
33 - just added a bass which isn't correct on the full track

The music is inspired by old racing games (like GP and Wacky Wheels)
I hope you'll like and maybe give me some ideas so I can make the songs better :)

2007-08-05, 04:40
Well being 'second in command', I'm taking lead (I hope there's no objections?) and I'll listen to them when I get the chance. I've got the flu and the cold (not a very nice mix!! :mad:). So once I'm better, I'll listen to them and let you know what I think ;)

My future plans for the game are to create my own engine in C++ with the help of my mother (she teaches it and knows alot, and I learn quickly... good combination?), then start alpha testing of the engine, programming and testing the AI then getting the models and maps in and testing them.

2007-08-06, 02:22
You taking over? That's ok by me :)
ay, I hope you get well soon :)

Cool mum :cool: nice plans :)

2007-09-21, 18:50
I finished the ER.mid today -after 5 months :p-, I hope you'll like it :) I don't have a final name for it. Its length is 4:25 and you should keep in mind that it is meant to be a loop :)