View Full Version : Desura - Should LBA be on it?

2012-02-12, 15:14
I recently came across Desura, which is a platform similar to Steam; however it focuses mainly on Inde developers and the modding community.

As I was browsing I noticed a thread which was opened recently requesting LBA as a Desura compatible game.


What do you think about this?

I think it will increase awareness of LBA and perhaps spark more life into the game; especially with some of our recent mods; which can be installed easily without hassle (since some users will give up if the installation process for a mod is tricky).

2012-02-13, 00:32
Never heard of it, but hey. Anything goes I guess?

2012-02-13, 13:26
More places the better.

2012-02-14, 00:42
Holy shit. Darkflame's still here.

(Sorry for offtopicing but hey, fuck you :D)

2012-02-14, 18:51
Of course I'm here, look at my post count...I cant leave! MBN is like a drug.

2012-02-14, 20:46
More places the better.

2012-02-14, 21:51
*this thread should be in LBA promotions now that I think about it.

2012-02-18, 14:19
It is now.

How should we encourage LBAs presence there?

2012-02-18, 21:56
Well it terms of promoting I was thinking of filling all the criteria; weather the developers add it as a game on Desura, the modding community add it as a game which is considered modable (since we still use the core files) or the addon section.

Desura supports Inde developers and the modding community and since its growing it maybe an idea. It works like steam in terms of purchases so once bought it logs the game to your account (same way GoG does it).

I would find it interesting if LBA1&2 became avaliable on Steam (being one of the most popular digital download platforms on the PC), but I'm not sure how that'd work for the developers or Valve who run steam.
I'm sure there has to be legal or financial reasons why the developers for LBA haven't done so yet.