View Full Version : [SOLVED] How to host Images throughout Knowledge Base

J McKalling
2012-09-28, 20:08
Dear Knowledge Base reader / user,

Currently we have some threads ready with information, but we've come up with a question. Very often, we need to put images in a KB post. We do have a lot of them that we can use, but how should we host these? We could host them ourselves as attachments, somewhere else here on the forums, on our own servers, or maybe somewhere on the frontwebsite.

For example, the Characters listing (http://forum.magicball.net/showthread.php?t=16425), requires a portrait frame image for every character we enlist.

Please help us find the best solution by voting in the poll, and post any feedback if you have any.

Thanks for helping out!


Now that we've got the Twinsuniverse server running, hosting images isn't an issue anymore.

J McKalling
2012-10-20, 13:16
In the mean time, we've chosen to attach the images to the posts themselves, until a different approach has been decided.

One possible problem with this though, is that it might flood one of our KB Team member's attachment limit. I'm not too sure about how much MB we're allowed to attach to the forums, though I do know it can be raised.

Another issue is that the images are managed by the people individually, who posted the entry in which they are attached. Regardless of who actually attached the image. So the images aren't collectively managable under the namespace of the Knowledge Base.

2012-10-20, 13:56
The best thing is to use the wiki to upload the images. You can also have a history of changes on that image as well.

J McKalling
2012-10-20, 14:20
Aye, in case of a wiki container, the KB should upload images like that.
I guess I hadn't incorporated different containers for the Knowledge Base when I wrote this poll.. :rolleyes2: