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J McKalling
2016-12-09, 15:16
Hey guys,

It's been a long while since I've been to these forums. Sorry for my absence, I've been working on different projects and I hope eventually I can come back to being active again. I even noticed an invite to an IRL meeting in the Netherlands next year, but not sure if I can attend.

Ok so business. Eventhough I've been keeping regular backups and have never forgotten the Twinsuniverse, the host I was using for it has gone poof. I've contacted xesf (http://forum.magicball.net/member.php?u=588) who owns the host, and hopefully we can fix this. I don't intend to turn the project down, and I still have a full backup of it so nothing is truly lost. But I'm just notifying here to keep you posted that I'm on it. :)

2016-12-11, 14:59
It will be unavailable for at least one more week.
Sorry for the inconvenience.

J McKalling
2016-12-11, 15:03
I'm sure you'll resolve it by then. Thanks for your update :)

2016-12-11, 20:49
That's done now. Have a look to see if everything is in place.
DNS propagation is still on-going so it may not be visible to all locations yet.

We will need to update the wiki to a new version, has it seems is very outdated.

J McKalling
2016-12-11, 21:09
Thanks! That went faster than you predicted. It works for me. Great :)

Yes updating the software will be a good idea. I'm still busy with other projects though, I plan to come back later to continue with that sort of thing. If it works again now, it'll serve its purpose for everyone for now while I'm still working on other stuff. Updating it right now probably won't matter much, seeing the wiki isn't finished yet and still needs work anyway.

2016-12-11, 21:23
Woaw guys, hope this site to never get down. So much good information ressource.

2016-12-12, 22:52
Upgraded to a new, but categories are broken. Not sure what's happening there, but jobs are running.

J McKalling
2016-12-14, 23:25
Nevermind that, you've reverted it.

So ok guys, website is back up and all is fine again as far as I could tell. Tell me if you notice anything. For now I'll leave it here again, I'll come back to working on the project when I get the time. But enjoy it once more in its current state.

I'm sorry that there isn't much editability yet for you guys. If I remember correctly I had turned that off for now. I still had to import and finish some stuff before it's managable. But again, be assured I have not abandoned the project <3