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2002-02-27, 00:22
I have Relentless (LBA1 in North America), and I can't get the game to work with sound in Win98. I've applied the patch and can get it to work with just music, but it hangs before the Adeline logo when I enable sound. The problem is that it doesn't support my sound card's IRQ; according to my BLASTER variable, my IRQ is 9, which LBA1 doesn't support. I've tried all four IRQ values (2,5,7,10) and none work. My sound card type is T4 (Sound Blaster Pro 2), my address is 220, and my DMA is 3. Does anyone have any suggestions?

2002-02-27, 00:47
If I'm correct, Soundblaster pro 2 is capeble of emulating the previous versions.

to see what it emulates, rightclick on "My Computer" in windows, click "Properties"

that go to "Device manager"
choose "plug and play devices" or "sound, video and game controllers"

and pick the one with that soundcard name (can be two, you need to check both of them)

look at "DOS application settings" and there they suppose to be

I hope this helps you :)

2002-02-27, 09:22
Try to open LBA.CFG in a text editor and manually set the settings for WaveIRQ and MidiIRQ to 9. Otherwise, try selecting another SoundBlaster in the setup list (there are about 6 that might work with your computer, eg SoundBlaster 1 or Pro). For some you don't have to select IRQ's at all.

2002-03-06, 00:57
I have the same problem. I cant download anything new, because I have Win 98, and I have a ENSONIQ SoundscapeVIVO90. Please help

2002-03-06, 14:30
If you're using Windows XP or 2000, try VDM Sound: