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2002-04-03, 14:15
I'm not too sure what system will be used for the compendium, but I think we can agree that all the articals in it should stick to an ordered "format".
I'm just making this thread to discuse what this format should be.
and what should be included in each artical.
Exclosed is an example "blank" artical.

2002-04-03, 22:20
good idea, but we might considder switching the sides of the picture and the texts.

Also, there is a little error in the HTML, because when you actract the file, it places it all in the same directory (not in a new directory like it should be)
So you won't see the pictures if you don't edit the source.

2002-04-03, 22:46
Well, the layout will need a lot of tweaks.
But is there any more content we need that we need on each artical?

G.A. Zogem
2002-04-07, 17:25
Yes, it does need some tweaking....

The ADSL Bastard downloaded this in less than 1 second, so if there WAS a download problem... :D :D :D

2002-04-07, 19:04
sorry, I forgot to say, the downloads been fixed.
The zip file now has directory layout info.

G.A. Zogem
2002-04-10, 10:50
OK, looking at it now...


Where's the file ?

2002-04-10, 11:43
Its the HTML file in the zip.
You have to extract it all though.

G.A. Zogem
2002-04-10, 15:38
you have to attach the file again i think