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2002-04-22, 18:02
Hi guys!

Well,now I got a new computer+sound and was trying to play the game when the sound work's,but it don't work in LBA.I read the patch.exe and the patch told me to choose SB 2 <port 220h,IRQ5,
DMA 1> for sound effects and Roland MT32 <port 330h> for music
.The game work's fine if I choose no sound and music in the setup (it runs a bit slow), I would love to hear the sound when I play :(

Please help...

2002-04-22, 18:59
Did you check the other threads? I (and lots of others before me) have gone through this too...

Otherwise, can you post more information about your system (like OS, sound card, other symptoms)?

2002-04-22, 22:10
Ok I should check evry single tread.

Thank You

2002-04-26, 20:36
Well now I can hear the sound but not the music:(
You said you have gone through this too.What did you do to fix the problem?

2002-04-28, 00:28
My final solution was to:

1) upgrade from 2K to XP since LBA was unstable under 2K
2) run VDMSound (make sure you get the shell exstenion, too) since the internal XP SBemu was pretty poor and didn't seem to be emulating the FM synth
3) emulate an AdLib card for music, since I couldn't get the Roland driver to work and for some reason, the SB FM synth just stopped working (I think the AdLib sounds better anyway ;))
4) emulate a SB2 for sound effects since anything higher seemed to cause the speakers to be reversed

For hardware, I have a GeForce2 video card, and a SBLive audio card. If you have a similar setup, maybe this will work for you.

If you're not running an NT-based OS (NT,2K,XP) this won't work for you at all, since VDMSound is NT-based only.

2002-04-30, 15:17
Thanks :)