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2002-08-31, 21:14
ok, vote for a FireGemSoftware slogan, if you know a better one, plz don't vote and submit it

thx, DeVKiNG & Xapec_INC

2002-08-31, 21:27
How bout:

We're simply the best
Better only exists in your dreams

2002-09-01, 10:28
hmmmzz... this is hard :mad:

2002-09-01, 14:32
"gaming to the next dimension" and "games hot as fire" are fine, but they can be better...

i will think of some others

2002-09-01, 14:43

i also thought about:

"it's a lot more then entertainment!"

2002-09-01, 16:24
It's than and not then.:rolleyes: But I like that one very much.

2002-09-01, 17:43
sry :stupid:

2002-09-01, 23:21
hmmmz....actually I liked Twinsals the best. But if I had to pick from one of the above I would pick the 3rd one.

Gustav Sweden
2002-09-02, 01:41
lol you nerds! :p

I would prefer shutting up until you need a slogan ^^ Until then here is mine:
"Not too bad"
"Fire sex in the sky with diamonds and a few bottles of coke"

2002-09-03, 14:15
To be honest they all sound a bit corny...
But I cant complain, because I cant think of any better at the moment :p

2002-09-04, 20:01
well...most slogans are corny anyhow. I cant think of any either.
DeVKiNG....do u all really want/need a slogan? :)

2002-09-04, 22:04
don't need one until 4 october

OOPS...did i tell something???

------- Xakep EDIT -------

you all didnt hear that right? ;)

2002-09-05, 00:00
DeVKiNG - Your going to look pretty silly if you miss that date :p

2002-09-08, 22:32
DeVKiNG - Your going to look pretty silly if you miss that date

No DEMOS or GAMES will be at 4 october or earlier. 4 october is our launch date, when we eill post some screens and trailers/posters/movies of LBRA and LBA3D, and a little surrprise will be a little after that.

2002-09-09, 08:48
Me didn't hear anything, I just rode it.:D

How bout: Anymore realistic could result into your death.

2002-09-09, 10:47
lol, thats great, allthough I generaly disaprove of realism in games.
Hmz...that supprise is when you tell us this has all been a scam right? :p

2002-09-09, 19:10
No, that is another surprise and don't try to make me tell what is it.

2002-09-09, 19:42
wait and bleed... euh... see :D

2002-09-15, 21:12
Ok, that thread is closed, i will open it and post a link to a script with interactive slogan management, sounds funny, but it's neccesary. You will be able to post your slogans and to vote for one of posted ones. The slogan that will get most votes in a month will be our slogan.