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2002-11-06, 16:30
When i first started Lba3D and it was planned to be made with a tool, i looked for good tools/engines. I found one, but it was FPS engine. You can use it.

Here is a screenshot.

2002-11-06, 22:11
That engine looks good :)
What's the name of it :?
If the modding is not to hard, id like to change...
What do you think Nights ?

2002-11-06, 23:30
We probably need to change everything we've already done, and/or learn to work with other programs than Milkshape3D and WorldCraft. Nights000 mastered these programs very good and I doubt he has time to learn a new modeling and mapping program.

But if everything would be very easy to convert, it could be a good idea.


Bit offtopic:
I like to use that engine for a game me and my friends are trying to make. Can I download it somewhere Xakep_INC?

2002-11-07, 11:47
Yeah, it would be to much to convert everything, and it would take time to learn another mapping program.
I like Worldcraft alot....
But the engine seems to be cool :)

2002-11-07, 14:30
Ok, i dont know if you do want it but i was just offering that engine... ill give all the details.

Name: Cubic Engine
Homepage: http://wouter.fov120.com/cube/
Source Code: YES
Graphics Level: Very Good, Even Better than QUAKE3!

2002-11-07, 17:40
Better then Quake III :? , well according to the screenshots you're right :)

2002-11-11, 16:43
U there Nights ?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?! :?

2003-01-16, 22:49
hehe, i found that project too, on flipcode.com, but there's something with the mutliplayer, think it doesn't support my cable-connection, like most of the semi-pro programs

2003-01-17, 08:51
actually cube is an awesome engine! it's definetley better, more efficient and more compact than the HL engine (thats what you're using right?), and the mapping tool provided (in-game) is a breeze to learn, its simple as hell, but is pretty limited, but since those are going to be LBA maps i dont see any reason for the built-in mapping tool not to be up for the task.
A couple more reason why this engine is awesome are because:
1. Its small in size as hell
2. Very generic and abstract
3. Its freaken small!!! (did i say that already? i mean REALLY compact, maps there are simple math, a whole complete game could weight a matter of 30 megs)
5. AND THE IT'S FUCKlNG OPEN SOURCE!!! (means you can mess with the native code)

so if you arent too far into the crappy Q2 (HL) engine (thats what you're using right? eh? :)) then i really recommend switching to the cube engine, especially since you could actually mess with the engine itself!
(and btw i didnt find any problems with its netcode, works online like a charm)

But if you want something more able than that, there is always the Unreal and UT2003 engines, the problem with them is that they are retail games and have pretty high requirements (at least the UT2003 one), but if for some reason you would want to switch to one of them i could really help, i did a whole lot of modding for unreal and i know my stuff pretty well, plus the Unreal level editor is one of the best ones freaken ever! its a lot more complex than cube's but it is capable of almost everything!

anyway, the choice is yours guys, if you're staying with your current engine then good luck, or you can switch to either the Cube engine or one of the unreal engines, depends on what you prefer, those are the engines i recommend, i dont know of any others that would allow for good 3D adventure/action modding.

good luck guys!

2003-02-02, 19:07
Maybe someone could search for a plug-in or something to convert models from worldcraft to cubic. Then it isn't that much work.

Hmmm.... makes me feel like continuing my map... :s If only I didn't need to remake my sewers model. Don't really feel like that. :)

2003-02-22, 16:54
1. Do anyone made a roddibuni compatible with cube... I am stating the shot game called Rebels: Sun of Twinsun... you know the rebels of the rebellion Island... you are one of them!

2. Where you found this awesome game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And the third and last: lat make a Cube clan... LBACube

2003-03-06, 18:46
:rolleyes: .... :rolleyes: .... :p

2003-03-09, 05:09
oh dear, I'm sorry but the Cube Engine is vastly inferior to Quake3, whoever said it's superior...you have to be kidding me!

In fact I'd wager it's also inferior to the Quake2/HL engine, UT2003 is extremely complex in comparison and I doubt anyone here would have the time to make an LBA MOD for that.