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2003-01-16, 14:28
Im not very good at modelling but i want to practise on models of objects instead of really complex modals, im trying to learn how to box modal properly as my modals always go rong so he is a basic image i made this morning of one of the picture frames in twinsens house.

2003-01-16, 14:29
(i cant get the textures rite so ill try another time)

2003-01-16, 15:26
Pretty sweet.
Textures will be better once converted to max, dont worry. (I got some excelent Max wood textures that I can convert to match the games look).
The picture itself will have to be changed.
Id like them to match the game, but look painted.
Thats a job for some of the excelent hand artists we have here though :)

2003-01-16, 17:03
wellt he picture was only just a playign about thing cos i couldn't find one to match the game

2003-01-16, 17:11
Kewl :cool:
You used box modelling there ? Well for such objects the best is to use bevel-profile or lathe modelling :cool:

2003-01-16, 19:40
Originally posted by Darkflame
Id like them to match the game, but look painted.
Thats a job for some of the excelent hand artists we have here though :)
I don't want to seem narcissistic, but I could do that if you wanted.

2003-01-16, 19:44
Sure :)
Theres plenty of pictures in lba, so there should be room for anyone that wants there art there.
Try to make your picture match the games, though obviously more detailed.
Or, you could always just think up a new picture that would be realistic for a LBA charecter to have on there wall.

2003-01-16, 20:35
i made this using box medeling( the old one wasent box modeling)

2003-01-16, 21:25
Well it's a good shape, it shows the power of box modelling, but however dont forget there are lots of powerful technics much more handy for such objects.

#Vase made in less of 1 mn, watch in the hand, with spline+lathe ;)#

2003-01-16, 21:35
Perhaps both of those renders could be put to use in the game; he could have different shapes for different magic levels.

2003-01-16, 22:41
Luke - :?
Which game ? Who has a different shape depending on the magic level ?

If you care about being able to use all those vases in the movie, no problems, we can have lots of versions of such objects, and anyway if we dont use my vase I dont care at all, I made it soo quickly :p

2003-01-16, 23:01
yer...while being techincaly more clever FP, your one dosn't look nearly as LBAish :p

2003-01-16, 23:51
Well it's quite difficult to determine wether a vase is lbaish or not imo ;)

2003-01-16, 23:57
Im goign try and model a room soon but what other object shall i model

2003-01-17, 00:04
Well I think you could make objects of Twinsun bar (in Tipett, look at the top thread of the RMP forum), but you'll surely need to improve your skills in spline based modelling first (lathes, bevels, extrusions, lofts, surface tools...) to make the objects properly, because box modelling is excellent for the characters but really too unhandy to edit for more geometric objects.

Some furnitures, decorations (the ones at the end of the movie, the party, especially), house objects are always welcome, else I think object modelers should now search for already done objects that'd need to exist in different versions, for the different places of the game. Of course, barrels, lamp posts, and such stuffs that already exist in 2-3 versions must be avoided as much as possible now ;)

2003-01-17, 15:52
Like FP said, splines-based modelling and lathes etc. are great for modelling simple geometric objects (bottles, vases etc.) It's also great practise for when you need to model something a lot more complex as you can build it up from simple splines ^_^ Box modelling would be good for characters, at least I found it is since all my character models are made with box modelling :p

2003-01-18, 01:31
ive just made this image it took me 2 f*cking hours so apreciate it as im tired!!!!!!!!
its the dust cart from when you brake out of citadel prison

2003-01-18, 01:32
here's another view

2003-01-18, 10:03
Wasn't the truck already done (or am I confused with the LBRA one? :p).
Anyway, they look great! :)

2003-01-18, 13:40
Indeed it's already beeen done, but anyway it's welcome on Bu's temple :cool:

BTW - Punkflare, avoid crossed posts, in the LBA3 thread you had better post a simple link to tthat therad, cause there it makes the mess in the comments if you post that model in different threads.

2 hours ? Well, I've already spent 30+ hours on the house of Twinsen, and at least 15 ones on the Rabbiclones development :D
You can interprate it as a perfection search or as a 3D inexperience ;)

2003-01-19, 15:01
Here is a badly made rabbi bunny, the face and arms are ok i supose, but the body totally sucks; it took me about 30 mins, i was just playing around with box modeling.

2003-01-19, 15:22
Punkflare - there is an "edit" button under your posts, and please add a littlle punctuation, else it gives headaches.....

Well, as most of time with box modelling, that rabbibunny has a quite cool shape :cool:, but you should imo concentrate on making it perfect, cause playing with modelling doesnt bring models that are usable in the movie.

Remember, when you make characters, make them with the arms straight away, else they're too hard to bone, and they often look strangely fully bent instead of straight by parts as they must be. The members are too thin imo, and the body has to be changed a lot, but the face looks quite cool (thiner ears and a mouth should be added I think).

2003-01-20, 20:53
ill work on it tonight then but i was only trying to improve my models by playign around and finding stuff out,
ill post it later and im gonna model the room that this rabbi bunny was in.

2003-01-20, 22:54
Hum I'm not sure the room he was in will be useful for the project...see if there arent other rooms that'd have better chances to appear, or passags Twinsen must go through :cool:

2003-01-20, 22:59
ok cool,
and sometime im going to get round to modeling that rubbish outside the prison ( thehen told me you need that doing)

2003-01-20, 23:02
Here is my finished model of the rabbi bunny i hope this one is better.

2003-01-20, 23:06
another view

2003-01-20, 23:59
Indeed it'd be so cool if you could make all the garbage content of the prison's outside, but just know that it'll have to be really detailled, we wont use fake objects in textures for the close objects, so it could be quite long, but it also lets you all freedom to make the most destroyed and crap objects you're able of (not too crap btw :p, and look for a "crap" plugin of 3dsmax, able to dirty the objects, I heard of it somewhere). :cool:

Well actually it's harder than that to make, forf the character : his mouth must be thin you see, but have all the stuff inside, the teeth to have a good look while thecharactyer speaks. The members still need improvements to look natural, and the cloth are too thing, you'll have to sped a time improving the form of the chest and stuff to match the game's models (taller, smaller head, look at Yazor's LBA models' viewer). :cool:

2003-01-21, 19:15
Ok ill model the garbage for you it might take me a while with all my studying and stuff also if the garbage by the truck that you get is is diferent ill give that a shot to.

2003-01-21, 23:28
FP or anyoen else would it be possible for any of you to get me a couple of screen shot of the garbage as i can get lba working on my comp.
thanks if you can.

2003-01-21, 23:34
You got all the screenshots to model properly in the public sections of Bu's temple (see the top RMP FAQ if needed).
Section help pictures->map screenshots->Citadel_******.jpg
(search for the good map of the northern area....) :cool:

2003-01-23, 10:15
Wait, FP, I've already modelled the rabibunny, and the funky one too, they're on Bu's Temple, remember? :p

Punkflare> you've got some promising work here, you might want to ask thehen for some 3ds Max advice, I'm sure he can help you perfect your models.

2003-01-23, 12:59
:? Of course I know, but remember there are lots of rabbbibunnies on Twinsun, we're not gonna make them all clones :D
The more versions we'll have the best it'll be :cool:

Punkflare - Well Thehen is alsso quite new at using 3dsmax, although he already makes impressive models with box-modelling, so if you got problems/bugs/advice needs you may ask us also. :cool:

2003-01-23, 13:26
The only reason im good at box modelling is because ive been using blender for 2 years and the only method of modelling is box modelling. Punkflares only been using a 3d modelling program about a month, after i had used blender for about a month i could make this....

2003-01-24, 19:06
dotn worry KB i only practasing my skills and i doubt my models will get ued anyways so dont worry about it;) yeh im working on something right this point but it might take me a whiel but itll be worth it.

2003-02-07, 15:46
All very great pics. Beautiful, they really reminden me of the game.

The rabbibunnies arms are (at least in my opinion) too short and staight.