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2003-01-25, 18:38
We have way too many projects here. And I think, that no project(except the RMP), will be EVER finished if we will continue like that. I think it's better if i will help as much as i can to the Little Big Racing Adventure project, and when it will be finished. Or at least if it will be in a beta stage, I will be able to continue LBA3D. Plus i have lots of homework and tests at school so i don't have any time left for my project...

I'm sorry, but that one is freezed. :(

Best Regards,
Xakep INC.

2003-01-25, 20:55

Well... at least we have the RMP.

2003-01-25, 22:10
to bad :(

G.A. Zogem
2003-01-25, 23:00
That's too bad :(

2003-01-25, 23:11
emm...yes as i said..
TOO bad :p

2003-01-25, 23:15
Well people who mainly have programmation skills cant be of much help for the RMP, so it's all benefit if they help for a game project, but else indeed I think that if we want any of those projects to be finished one day, all the 2D artists/modelers/scripters of the MBN should concentrate one one single project, the RMP I'd prefer of course. Because the participating amounts are too weak to over that share the members.. :/

2003-01-26, 00:06
Can you publish any source code you made?
Might help other coders here.

2003-01-26, 15:35
well, i still have some plans for it. so i think i will publish parts of it(the hardest things which may help someone)

2003-01-26, 17:55
Well Xakep, LBA3d was looking really promising, I hope you can help out with the RMP, why not come along, I know you can definately model ;) Hope this project continues once everything is cleared up...

2003-01-26, 19:46
no, dont help with the RMP :D
Seriously, if your skills are in coding, your talents would be wasted with my project.
Both LBAR and that new 3D project could do with your help.

2003-01-26, 21:16
actually, i spent 2.5 years modelling. so i can help with that too, another problem that i dont have time for heavy programming. So give me a damn job in the RMP :D

2003-01-27, 00:41
Characters' modelling, would it suit you ?