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2003-05-21, 00:52
Introduction to sum characters froma fanfic no one knows about. Don't bother reading please.

Name: Kara
Sex: Female
Age: 16
Species: Kironian Quetch
Specialization: Master of the Kangshi Blade and Sel Martial Arts (ancient free-style, which exerts physical force from interior concentration). Exceptionally athletic for a quetch.
Background: Mother was claimed to have died during child labor and father, six years later, from asthma in the Mountain Ranges. Kara was a prentice of Sendell, Goddess of War, for ten years after which she gained freedom.

Name: Shadow
Sex: Male
Age: 17
Species: Kironian Quetch
Specialization: Wields the Ebony Scorpion (a straight double-edged longsword with a white crystal at the bottom of the hilt). Master of the Torro fighting style (consists of heavy physically concentration and force exertion at very close range). Also an intermediate in the Blitsker Martial Arts (sparing that involves exaggerated blade movement throughout a 360 degree range). Has mastership over Wind Elemental sorcery, summoning of electricity, and motion morphing.
Background: Shadow is a freed heir, although his Master is untold. He joined the Valiant Rogues at the claimed age of 13.

Name: Alvin
Sex: Male
Age: 12
Species: Solrus Angel (Seraphim of Light and Swiftness)
Specialization: Can gain an average velocity of 95 kilometers per hour with wings. Can summon few weak spells from the source and has the ability of Angelika Guardian (grants complete immunity to a mortal or any soul carrier when banded).
Weapon: Avingale: sword made of pure, super-concentrated white light. A long curve goes through the center of the sword to obtain a double bladed effect. Weapon does very little damage against objects or entities consisting of heavy amounts of mass (aka most mortals).
Background: Parents were murdered in the battle against Leagues of Gwan. No more available information.

Name: Stripwood
Sex: Male
Age: 25
Species: Kironian Kamala (Rabbibunny)
Specialization: Master of the Valiant Rapier (91.44 centimeter longsword). Stripwood is the strongest fencer in the entire Rogue force.
Background: Joined the Valiant Rogues after both parents were killed during the Black Pirate invasions. Earned recognition of Supreme Valor at the battle of Polask and became a Sergeant of the Rogues at 20.

Name: Orlanka
Sex: Female
Age: 23
Species: Kironian Kamala (Rabbibunny)
Specialization: Master Specialist of the Learg Rod (2m wooden rod with metal bracelets near both ends). Also ten years of experience as a medic.
Background: Father and two elder brothers were killed during a battle with the Phantom Armada (of the Black Leagues). Mother was murdered when the raids poured down upon Orlanka’s hometown. Her younger brother disappeared shortly after she joined the Valiant Rogues and was never seen again. Orlanka later received recognition of Supreme Valor at the battle of Polask and Title of Valiance for getting a wound in battle while trying to save other lives. Became a Captain of the Rogues at the age of 22.

Name: Petra
Sex: Female
Age: 19
Species: Pantera (Tiger humanoid)
Specialization: Complete mastership of the Kataki Twins (two 46cm shortswords made of pure titanium). Origin of the blades is unknown. Petra is ranger with extreme athletic abilities. She can cover a 20km long dense forest in less than an hour. Also a master of Centar Martial arts (a style which involves a lot of sportive and athletic movement).
Background: Petra’s origin is unknown. She joined the Rogues at the age of seventeen and since then her existence was never questioned.

Name: Dragor
Sex: Male
Age: Unknown
Species: Noctar (a Sentinel)
Specialization: Supreme mastership of the Sentinel Cobra (single bladed, saber-katana, titanium made). Has mastership over Sel, Torro, Centar, Pinta, and Blitsker Martial Arts. Armor and sword can counter magic and are immune to almost any mortal sorcery.
Background: Dragor reveals little of himself. He is a Noctar, a foreign race that came to Kironah many centuries back. The Noctar dwellers of the Green Island were purged by a great plague, of which Dragor is the only survivor. He joined the Valiant Rogues as a permanent member around the same time as Petra.

Name: Skipper
Sex: Male
Age: 40
Species: Kironian Sphero
Specialization: Battles with two short shamshirs (single edged, curved blades). His short size allows him to perform advanced dodging abilities.
Background: Skipper is the captain of Endevra and the High Captain of the Valiant Rogues. He is a veteran and has never lost any of his twenty-six battles as a commander of his troops.

Name: Borum
Sex: Male
Age: 27
Species: Kironian Grobo
Specialization: When Borum isn’t wielding a steel mace he performs the duty of an experienced merchant and supplier of goods.
Background: During the Black Pirate invasion Borum was the source behind the Rogue’s 75% budget. He both, fought behind the lines and provided the Rebels with an enormous amount of goods and weaponry.

2003-05-21, 00:57
doesn't sound very LBA-ish

2003-05-21, 01:09
Who said it was lba?

2003-05-21, 13:21
you use all kinds of names from LBA.

It would be a lot easier to make up new names and be original, than to use these names.

may I ask you why you did it?

2003-05-21, 13:36
Before even starting to 'critisise' what Lightwing just wrote, first try to look what it's all about (Oh gee, there might be a reason!)

Look for the reason between the posts on the Fanfiction Forum

As for the stuff Lightwing just wrote, quite comprehensive, though I prefer to see these things after the character has been introduced :)

2003-05-21, 17:27
I wasn't criticising his little character resume's, I was just wondering why this is either an LBA fanfic, or if it's not, why he uses so many LBA elements?

2003-05-21, 18:56
the idea behind the concept is that it's somewhere a few hundered or thousand years before LBA

Even though that sounds like an odd concept, it's pretty well done.

you can say it's half lba half 'made up'

2003-05-21, 19:29
Cloneguy, you didn't even read the whole fanfic, nor know what he's talking about, so shut up. Lightwing is an old and respected member and going with such criticism on him without even knowing his work is stupid.

2003-05-21, 19:38
No need to attack me!
I haven't done antyting but ask a little question.

By the way, if I did have any criticism, I would post it because you are allowed to post your opinion on a forum

2003-05-21, 22:55
I think the characters sound well developed. I do have one thing to point out, and this is just my opinion, that there seem to be too many instances of "Both of _____'s parents were killed in a _____." That seems a bit odd unless there is a good reason for all that which is explained later on.

2003-05-21, 23:14
Knowing Lightwing, there is :)

2003-05-22, 02:25
Thanks to everone for their replies.

Cloneguy: This is based on LBA, its just that I thought that what the game provided was not enough for a good mythological story. Thats why you see angels and other wierd things. Also, because this is far in the past, names of creatures and places are somewhat different. Its not just me either, read Kieron's fanfics.

Atresica: Its a small introduction to the characters and reveals very little about them. You know, sometimes they put these things in novels before the stories even begin.

Medur: Thanks for that.

Diggle: It looks silly and coincidental. But i'll come clean, that its part of what draws them together.

2003-05-22, 18:59
that's true :)