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2003-06-08, 12:56
Haven't read it all yet but saw some lba fan names in it.

here it is:

There ones lived a big ass monkey that wanted to be a MBN moderator. His name was ChaosFish.
They wouldn't allow him to become a moderator because he lives on Israel with a 28,8 modem.
So that's why the other moderators kicked his ass really hard, but then he got the fastest
connection available (56K), and stuck it in his ass. But what ChaosFish didn't know was that
there was a virus in the modem, and Chaosfish's ass got blown up, so Chaosfish decided to
worship jesse and jesse awarded him with a icecream but than suddenly {}Ghost{} came and
took off his clothes !! both atresica and froggee wondered what was that little tiny thing
between his... um, ears... The little thingy between his ears turned out to be a microscopic
ship with many creatures inside from the planet Froggeegion! the tiny little creatures were
warrior frogs plotting to take over the gay wonderland of the little people, which by the
way had a fanclub about their homosexualfriend Zed who was looking for mushrooms on his ass,
but than all the sudden, the ship ws attacked by a big, huge, Giant, enorumos DICK!
So he took out his sword and stared to fight! suddenly from the sky the Emerald moon came
towards the earth, the only way to stop it was to use Bush as a rocket and shoot him to the
moon... fortunantly for Bush he flied to Twinsun and ate up Rosa. But Wacko was so angry
about everyone hitting him, so he accedantly killed Bosh, and everybody know you cant send
a dead-man as a rocket... (Daaa... ) so everyone decided to shoot Wacko instead, but what
happened was that he dodged the bullets in full Matrix-style, when suddenley 5 aliens came
and said: "We come to you in the spirit of peace." Bob got pissed off and wanted to know why
they coulnd't just stay on their own planet so he asked a medium, and the answer was that
their planet was overthrown by giant cotton swabs which resulted in the big penis, which by
the way belonged to Atresica! So she immeadiatly tried her new penis out by pissing on a
tree, but she hit wacko, that screamed "this is exactly what I needed, a nice warm shower"
but then he turned around and saw atresica pissing on him, so he pissed back all over
Atresica, who grabbed her chainsaw and cut her penis to half and gave it to Wacko because
accourding her biology teacher...WOMEN DON'T HAVE PENISSES! So she grabbed wacko's penis and
attached it to the cutted one because he had really small feet (and you all know what they
say about guys with small feet *coughcough*) but he got tired of looking at penises, so he
went away just in time before it began to rain penisis.. suddenly Joe the elf comes in and
says "How's its going Wacko?"
But suddenely Joe takes down his trousers and shows wacko his nose! So wacko flew away
because he had nosafobia, he got that because El Muerte once cutted his nose and attached it
to wacko nose, so wacko nose got bigger... anyway, wacko flew over to the bushes and Started
to rip his hair off because there was a new rule; no hair after labour day. While he was
ripping off his hair, a huge shuttle came from the sky and landed near them. The door opened,
and for their amazment, Atresica and Wacko saw 7 (and a half) Zoids from the planet Blarg.
They got really horrified so they pissed on themselves so that they were both all wet. They
were suddenly shifted to the inside of Twinsun's east sun! they were amazed to the sight of
the base inside! All these years the Zoids had been hiding there and plotting to make a new
taste of milkshake: a combination of a strawberrie and an orange! So Atresica and Wacko knew
they had to meet up with Joe Black, the Black Joe monkey. But this wasn't any ordinary monkey..
he looked like a cat and he started to cry because the aliens tested on him their new
milkshake taste. So Atresica and Wacko felt in love and had a baby named Ghost who they adopted
to Zed, and now Ghost dont know who Zed is, El Muerte was very wize and told Ghost that Zed
was on his avatar but ghost couldnt believe that was the truth. So Ghost did a little
background research and realized that they were lying. that was not zed, but his twin brother
whose name was Rumplestiltskin.. though most people preferred to call him Zed...
So Ghost went to El with the facts, and El admitted that Ghost's parents are Wacko and Atresica.
So ghost desided to talk to the wise lady, Groovy-barbarawitch, who lived in The Emerald Moon
(street). So Ghost went to the sewers and found there a lot of shit, he took it and throwed it
into the teapot which he give to the grobo on Proxima island who gave him a Bonuses List©, which
he then realized wasn't a real bonus list but an old treasure map given to him by mistake..
this showed him where to find The Sacred Piece of Lego ®. So Ghost went and went and went, and
got into a grotto, which he found behing a mark of Sendell, somewhere in the White Leaf Desert.
He went in and found wacko. Wacko said he's a bug in this game, so ghost killed him But then He
discovered That Wacko Was his father, So ghost cast a spell bringing wacko back to life only for
putting him in a cage and use him as a pet parrot. Than lots of people came around his cage and
said: "Wow, its so cruel... using wacko as a parrot!" than wacko tried to say "help me!" but the
only sound that came out of his mouth is "baaaaaaak!". Frogee opened the cage and let Wacko out,
so Wacko flew up stright to the sky, but he didn't watch out, so a giant plane flew straight
towards him! Luckliy wacko crashed into the plane, But Wacko didnt damage at all, because his
bones were made out of metal.. he was Wackorine!! A girl named Storm flew over to him and said
"My name is Storm! (hihihihihi) I'm the sexy girl with the super powers and I came to rescue you!".
In reply wacko said "baaaaaaaaak!" and Storm thought he's a bird, so she lightnined him and they
made love in the fire while Chef out of Southpark was singing. Suddenly Wacko relised lightwing
and simon were standing in the corner shaking their heads.
Lightwing: I thought I ended it already..
Simon: Pages ago! What's wrong with these people!
A giant man eating ladybug flew through the window and took them away when a frog suddenly jumped
beneath them through the window and yelled "Nobody move! Theres an armed robber in this room!"
Wacko tried to slide out of the door without being noticed but he forgot to take his picture of
Zoe with him, and since he's madly in love with Zoe he went back to take the picture. A big fat
version of Zed came in and said, "Hey, my name is Zed, and I am a homosexual who wants to suck my
dick!" So Zed sat there and sucked his dick, while Froggee shot Wacko, but they relized they keep
doing dumb things, die, get back to life, and die again... so they suddently, along with the rest
of LBA fans disapeared into thin air for all time.

_.-=ThE EnD =-._

2003-06-08, 13:02
May I ask where you found this, or were you just insanely bored? :)

2003-06-08, 13:38
Dude! That's from Chaosfish' site :D

It was from one of the threads we had here

2003-06-08, 14:30
Big Ass Monkey (http://forum.magicball.net/showthread.php?s=&threadid=538) and #2 (http://forum.magicball.net/showthread.php?s=&threadid=2406) and #3 (http://forum.magicball.net/showthread.php?s=&threadid=5116)

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2003-06-08, 15:11
Heh, I happened to read the whole thing just a few days ago. Some parts of it cracked me up! :D

But Lightwing was right, it did lack some creativity.

2003-06-08, 18:55
I bet it wouldn't be possible if the word "Penis" would have been forbidden to be used in it... -_^

2003-06-09, 20:55
Penis. :D