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2003-06-16, 22:02
I moved my website from tar.hu server to bixerver.com as you said you had problems accessing it at tar.hu. At least soem of you had, but that some is unfortunatelly everyone who tried. :D Rather like :(
So, the new address is: http://gregorius.bixerver.com
Please let me know if it works, cuz I am eager to finally work on some LBA stuff and upload it. Once you tell me it works, I'll add a link to the MBN. :cool: Even if you don't I will add one, unless you'd hunt me down for that.

Thanx in advance. ;)

2003-06-16, 22:54
It works, but is very very slow....

2003-06-16, 23:21
It works, but indeed. Not very fast.

2003-06-17, 14:52
I was just about to cancel my idea about setting up a homepage, but the guys at bixerver told me that they are just in the middle of changing their server and the new one will be available from anywhere in the world with much faster connection, so hopefully they will keep their word. :D So I'm really happy, and I'm working on the site then. I'm thinking of what update to do though :rolleyes: I mean besides adding the MBN link. ;)

Well thanx for your response. Your visits put me on the 49th place on the server's toplist under personal category. Thanx for that too. :cool:

2003-06-26, 19:22
I think the server is gonna be on sometime next week if anybody would care...

2003-06-26, 20:34
Alrighty, then:)