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2001-03-01, 20:14
Even though nobody needs it because you have them all right here on the site, It was a good practice for me!

I mean the Site of the Fanfics..

Go To

I know it suck thanx by the way.. :rolleyes:
Check it out! and even the links work!
(Why do I get the feeling that everybody are laughing..?)
Stop that its not fair its my first offical site lol not like all of you I dont have a homepage :(

2001-03-01, 22:40
you forgot my first book ghost

it has around 15 chaps i guess (i forgot)

2001-03-01, 22:56
You mean that big huge site of yours?

too big for me
I had to write on everything <BR> you know...

So just think to yourself...

It took me too many mouse rolling to get to the end...
So I just left it out LOL..

Well what do you think about my site..??

2001-03-02, 04:52
Arg, Ghoast...I really don't want to be rude, but urg......I know you must have taken a lot of time to make that site but.....its not....well.....it lacks creativity....it....it....it.....uh, damn...............

Prologe to LBA is located in El Muerte's old board.

P.S. I also started a fanfic, but I don't know if you want it...

2001-03-02, 11:31
LOL Lightwing you dont have to be sorry I know it sucks :o

but what could I add there I dont know all that Flash\PHP\Javascript bla bla bla

and I dont have any pics which are related

its just a site of the fanfics...


2001-03-02, 14:33
Ghost... JavaScript and/or PHP won't make your site look better. They're only scritping languages. HTML is a Markup Language.

2001-03-02, 15:04
not look better

but I can add cool stuff to my site with it..


2001-03-02, 21:06
well, i think some of the colours suck

but it's a good effort for a first site ;)

2001-03-02, 23:15
my first try was better.. nehneh neh nehneh :p

2001-03-03, 00:20

But i told you I can do better than that
Add pics and stuff like that
I make pages of what I know by now just to get some practice :D
and they are looking better than that

2001-03-03, 14:07
yeah even my first attempt (ultimate lba page) was better :P

2001-03-03, 14:37
Even my first try was better :)

First one was with a lot of tables and some buttons to other pages.
I made the second one with frames, that was still a neat technic back then :)
Then I really started to make my own graphics and designs.

2001-03-03, 14:56
Wacko: never saw your first try so I don't know about that...

2001-03-03, 17:41
hey, you're right, even mine was better. i once began to make a site with mac games and it looked much much better. of course it was not plain html

2001-03-03, 18:41

OKOK I got the point!


2001-03-03, 18:46
i can't do plain html
i always get a page with alot of useless crap in it

that's becuz of frontpage

2001-03-03, 20:00

I didnt get anything...


"Stop talking like a 3year old boy and talk in a way we would understand you"


2001-03-03, 20:08
Mine is better too!

Ugh I just had to say that ;)

2001-03-03, 20:28
Nooo Atresica I didnt read that and I have no idea what you're talking about so it doesnt count!

2001-03-03, 20:34
ghost: my post was readable

yours wasn't

2001-03-03, 22:21
If it was readable so how come I didnt understand it...?

(oo I shouldnt have said that I dont think i'd like the answer.. ;))

2001-03-03, 22:30
you're just plain stupid :)

and i got proove =)

and the worst is: people don't even need proove , they already know

2001-03-03, 22:32
i can't do plain html

this means: html in it'
s purest form, no extra add-ons and unnecesarry crap

i always get a page with alot of useless crap in it

this means: codes wich aren't needed and only slow you down

that's becuz of frontpage

a sort of homepage maker wich adds crappy codes in your page

got it?

2001-03-03, 23:42
Yep, the only good HTML editors are just plain text editors...
Notepad is nice, but if you work a lot with plain text editors it's crap, other good windows text editors are: Editplus (my favo), WinEdit, Win Emacs, etc...
You could also use a plain HTML editor like HotDog or Homesite... WYSIWYG editors just plain suck and should be avoided at every cause...

2001-03-04, 01:32
If you want to improve your site Ghoast, try to make it more profession. To see what I'm trying to say, go here:


2001-03-04, 14:45

that's sooooooo....

how didnt I think about it..

I dont have a clue about designs lol

I need to visit more sites to get ideas and to be here on the board all day :D

Wow but that includes messing with PSP7 and I still have some diffectulies with it..

I got the effects things but the simple actions are the hard ones :D

2001-03-05, 02:36
Hey, what did you think about Prologe to LBA?

2001-03-05, 13:19
hey I think its great! :)