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2001-03-11, 21:21
I'm back here... It's been long.. due to problems (personal, pc, shit) I wasn't online for a long time.. I can still help out if ya want although I don't know what to do.. I suck :p

- 2d artwork
- Beta testing
- Music (Jesse's on that I think)


2001-03-11, 21:25
Yes I know it's stupîd to reply your own messages... I forgot to mention one thing:

I LOOOOOOOOOOOVE to write (poetry, stories, proza n stuff) if u can use it (in a single player or something I could come up with some crazy shit (u get the drift?)

P.S.: or you can chase me out

2001-03-11, 21:30
Hi, Check out my films.

2001-03-11, 21:38
Hey, welcome back Q-Wi-Q! (weren't you the guy from Belgium...?)

About the story writing... I don't believe we need much. But any help is welcome of course
...I think...

2001-03-12, 16:08
well maybe you won't be needing on the mod about your writing skills, but you could help us at fanfics ;)

2001-03-12, 19:55

You still own me a fanfic :p !

2001-03-12, 23:13
music is done yet :)

2001-03-12, 23:30
Fanfic? Oh yeah right I remember.. It's the first story I ever wrote and it sucked, although the storyline was pretty cool!
I deleted it. :p


2001-03-12, 23:32
cya round I won't be on for like 2 weeks or something because we have midterms


2001-03-12, 23:39
you're the guy that was so desperate to get your fanfic on el's site

2001-03-13, 15:44
well ok i pray for u:

please god, if this humble kid of yours reserves any good, do help him with his exams. we need him to write a fanfic.

satisfied?? :)

2001-03-13, 19:22
You shouldn't deside yourself if your fanfic sucks... Let us have the pleasure :p

Nah, try to write it again, would be cool. You had a interesting start.

Good luck with your tests, I have them over 2 weeks :(

2001-03-14, 15:36
thank god, mine is still months away :D

well good luck to you too atresica :)

2001-03-16, 22:41
What my fanfic was about:

15 years later n stuff... Crystal (twinsen's daughter) was kidnapped or something... he resques her on this crazy planet Amber (which if I rewrite I'll change it to something else, prolly some where on Zeelich). I wrote it through two perspectives: Twinsen and Crystal (the writing sucked back then... I still recall... I'm a far better writer now)... Crystal was kidnapped by FunFrock, but he turned out not to be truly evil but controlled from some where else through a brain chip (I was only 12 so gimme a fucking break :p)

So anywayz, they get back home and they celebrate, but suddenly Twinsun starts to shake n stuff and Zoé, Crystal and Twinsen get separated... Anywayz, Twinsen gets kidnapped, zoe is near death (but survives) and Crystal is off to seek answers on Amber...
She finds Twinsen (who is emprisoned by some one) and helps him escape (he was about to get merged with FunFrock or something)... but something happens and Twinsen gets in a coma and relives parts of his past, changing it n stuff, and when he wakes back up, almost everything is gone and he carries the Dissident's ring around and finds out that this new world (he created through this coma) is controlled by Johnny Rocket (this had something to do with the Dissident's Ring)... He meets up with this Robot or something and he manages to go back in time to give the ring back to Johnny before he gave it to Twinsen (it was rather complicated) and restore piece n shit...

what a fucking complicated piece of shit!!!!! I'm a far better writer now and I'll come up with an idea, even if we don't use it... :p I love to write, so don't blame me

2001-03-16, 22:47
You know guys, I've been thinking... is LBA³ coming? If it isn't, I think we're just wasting time here making a half life mod: WE SHOULD BE DOING THE REAL THING!!

I mean: how hard can it be? yes I know it's hard but I mean we have everything: great 3D-modelers, story, music, the whole thing!!!

Okay maybe I'm a little high on coke and I'm a bit drunk, but I think we could pull it off... :p

But anyway: the mod really rulez and although I can't check that shit through a minor dial-up... I'll try n help people :D even if you don't want me to...

P.S.: If you don't like this just forget it, it's a stupid idea anywayz...

2001-03-16, 23:02
nobody has time

and do you really think it is that easy? we can't even come close

you don't know obviously how a game is created

2001-03-16, 23:04
One should always have faith in theirselves...

2001-03-16, 23:13
sorry forget it

not a chance
you're not first to mention

csx2 got himslef declared official crazy for posting this idea first

i suggest el calls you a runner up crazy guy stealing other's ideas


2001-03-16, 23:20
You have to understand Jess... You're all good at something.. the only thing I can do is write, and we simply don't need that...

It kills me that I can't do a thing for my favourite game...u c?

2001-03-17, 00:32
I have started a project to make a film of LBA1.
Its much easier to make a film then a game (although its still not easy).
Check out the site:
Its still under construction.I need to make a form so its easy for people to 'sign up' to help, but I am no good at doing the code.

2001-03-17, 05:40
I think writting fan-fics is the closest thing that we can get to re-creating LBA, Bert.

P.S. The plot of your fan-fic actually sounds interesting....

2001-03-17, 08:45
Yo DarkFlame, I think what you're gonna do is great, and I believe I can help you out with it (if I don't have to encode movies because I'd suck at that)...

2001-03-17, 21:27
I agree with Lightwing
If you can think up somethings cools like that than perhabs you can use some idea's of it in another fanfic....

As Jesse said, this idea was earlier...
But what does it matter, it's cool that you have idea's to make new stuff with LBA

2001-03-18, 01:00
yeah but these ideas are crazy. just think about it. do u think everyone can make a game? if that would be so, there would be many unofficially sequels of games that were never continued. just face it, the whole concept is mad.

2001-03-18, 10:54
Welcome back Q-Wi-Q, hmm never seen ya before but anyway lol
Well im just wondering, how many is there at the mod right now? Like how many "working" (|

2001-03-19, 22:25
Probably no one working at the moment.........last time I checked there were about 14 people on the job thou........

Gustav Sweden
2001-03-20, 17:44
hmmm.. sorry for not replying at Irc.. I didn't notice you were there until you logged out.. Thought noone was in..