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2000-11-02, 10:39
I need about $35 a year to reserve the http://www.magicball.net domain. I can't pay it all by my self, so that's where I need you guys.
Ofcourse there are ceveral ways money. One of them is http://www.alladvantage.com ( http://www.alladvantage.com/go.asp?refid=UOM689
Of every hit I will get some credits.

2000-11-02, 14:11
If you want, I can send 10 guilders to you for the good goal. :D
Maybe other team members will follow.

2000-11-02, 19:26
please don't send me money, letters get lost and stuff.
You could book money to my bank if you want, contact me if you want to do that.
If I don't raise enough money to get the domain I will book it back, and I will not use the money for anything else than for the domain.
(But don't start booking money yet, I first have to complete the site and get it hosted on http://www.adventuregamer.com and then the cash may flow)

2000-11-02, 20:42
Of course I dont send you 10 guilders in an envelope!
I meant book on your bank but I couldnt find the right English words. :D

2000-11-02, 21:28

yeah and i was just planning to send you my stuiver collection

stuiver is like a penny i think
or more or less

2000-11-11, 15:38
sure ill suport..