View Full Version : the original?

2004-06-04, 00:46
hi. Anyone remember my fic? It's the one where lba1 got made into a book version 'the twinsunian'.

I just wonder. Should I post this endless long thing here again for the re-read. Or should I try to rewrite it? It was 5 years ago and my english has improved a little.

Gustav Sweden
2004-06-04, 02:43
Write a new version! :)

2004-06-04, 23:21
if you still have the original, why not do both? :)

2004-06-04, 23:39
Do both... it's the better!

2004-06-05, 14:35
Do both... it's the better!

I hope I find time to rewrite it :)

but I'll never finish it, tooo much work.

The original was already kickass long.

I'll post it asap.