View Full Version : LBA1/2 Catalonian (Catalá) translation

2004-06-14, 11:23
Anyone knows to speak and write Catalonian (Catalá)?
Then his or her help will be appreciate by the LBA Trio, because we need the Catalonian translation for LBA 1 and LBA 2. :)

2004-06-14, 11:42
Catalonian? Isn't this language spoken only in Barcelona? :p

No, I doubt there's someone here who can speak that...

2004-06-14, 11:45
I can spoke with a guy to know if he already have this translation.

But, btw, why you want a Catalan translation?

2004-06-14, 11:54
Probably it's the only language left without an LBA translation :p .

2004-06-14, 12:02
Because I think it would be great if LBA would be translated in every Latin-, Cyrillic-, Arabic-, Greek-, and Hebrew-based language in the world. Hehe. :)