View Full Version : OK..I want someone to put my stuff on here!!

2001-05-13, 19:55
Everyone has been saying how I should post my stuff....
....trouble is, I'm useless at that kinda thing, so can someone offer to post my stuff?...I'll send to you by mail
a)My music
b)my pictures
c)My game..actually, so, I'll leave the game in MY hard disk!
d)My text adventure(when it's finished...uses adrift, so you need to download that to see my text adventure)

I'm pissed off with sending music by E-mail to people , it takes ages.
So, can some do that? Please?

Or should it go on The Magic Ball Network site?

2001-05-13, 20:04
hmm... i can do something, but simple (i don´t have time to do a complex flash site and i´m not a master in html, asp, etc..), like a simple but fast and useful frame site... contact me (if you want) by icq or e-mail.

2001-05-13, 20:22
OK...so I can put it on one of your sites..?

Then mayby El could do a link to your site from this site>

2001-05-13, 20:25
i am talking about construct something just for you :)
give me some time. In Wednesday all will be ready.

2001-05-13, 21:01
If you want to post your game, there should be a way of posting it.
If you are worried about people editing it, or stealing the idea, just:
a) Put a clear date of when you made it on the title screen, with a copyright symbal
b) Compile to an EXE file and 'lock' it.(If you did it on TGF, there is an option under the file menu).