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Conversation Between marcosmapf and Polaris
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  1. marcosmapf
    2013-09-02 22:13
    Wow, 108 :P
    Glad you are back
  2. Polaris
    2013-09-02 19:57
    Came back and just finished browsing those 108 mails
  3. Polaris
    2013-08-24 16:03
    Sorry about my absence, I was in south France for the last 10 days (without internet).
    Cope with it just for 5 more days, I'm going to an international hurdy-gurdy camp in Poland
    But afterwards, I'll be back for good and revive all the threads of the last month (I have more than 70 mails/notices from the MBN so far)
  4. marcosmapf
    2013-08-21 00:53
    Where have our favorite parrot gone to? We miss him in this forum! =/
  5. marcosmapf
    2013-08-03 04:59
    Ah I see... My work won't let me take my vacation during July (summer for you guys, but winter here), so I will only take mine on October (during fall). It isn't half bad, considering traveling during winter on a country where it never snows is kinda bad. And as I want to travel to my grandma's beach house, doing so during winter would suck
  6. Polaris
    2013-08-03 03:16
    During summer, I travel back and forth being France and Hungary, going to summer camps, my grand-mother's house and other places without internet, so I'm less active. Very noticeably.
  7. marcosmapf
    2013-08-02 02:06
    Btw, where have you been? I haven't seen you around for quite some time.
  8. marcosmapf
    2013-08-02 02:05
    Hey man, thanks a lot . I just don't want people to fight for no reason, or be douchebags to each other. Its ok to fight sometimes, but when it gets as big as it did in this case (Twinsan, SGK and Zee), then something has to be done so it stops as soon as possible.
  9. Polaris
    2013-08-02 01:25
    Waow man ! I just read what you wrote in Zee's thread, you are slowly becoming in my eyes one of the best members around !

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