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Conversation Between Kitarii and Twinsan
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  1. Twinsan
    2013-04-24 19:07
    i wnat it made clear i do not want pimmin to involve me in any of her future threads regarding wrestle threads and any other thread in future with out my say so
  2. Kitarii
    2013-02-18 02:04
    Do remember that the forum and the channel are completely separate, I only moderate the forum. In future it would be best to PM me about this kind of thing. I'll check the ban again but it will expire eventually anyway.
  3. Twinsan
    2013-02-18 02:00
    nope still banned as master aqu and twinsen, thanks anyways. It seems now someone has tricked me.
  4. Kitarii
    2013-02-18 01:59
    I'm afraid this is the first time I have spoken to you, I'm not on the #lba channel at the moment. I removed your ban anyway (I think), you should be able to rejoin if you want.
  5. Twinsan
    2013-02-18 01:56
    you told me you were going to help me get on with zee on the magic ball chat and then it turns out it was a set up for a fight, unlesss that is if someone pretended to be you so said person could start said fight, in which case you should investigate.
  6. Kitarii
    2013-02-18 01:51
    Sorry what are you talking about?
  7. Twinsan
    2013-02-18 01:39
    well that ended in failure and despite not saying anything they banned me from the chat, isn;t that wonderful? Please deal with this.

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