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Conversation Between ChaosFish and SpaceGuitarist
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  1. SpaceGuitarist
    2013-06-06 03:41
    Will you stay?
  2. SpaceGuitarist
    2011-09-02 21:50
    Chaosfish on 2004-02-21, 05:34:
    "Give us a proper scan Kiddo, this looks really cool."

    7 years later... (sorry!)
  3. ChaosFish
    2011-08-31 23:05
    no, I stay away from that thread. no offense.
  4. SpaceGuitarist
    2011-07-26 22:49
    heya fishos care to take a look at my thread and confirm alexfont's post? http://forum.magicball.net/showthrea...ewpost&t=15888
  5. ChaosFish
    2011-07-04 18:09
    And Blissful too. Apparently someone hacked Assassin's computer or something and used his password to get into the LBA fans fan site and only touched Boo's and Blissful's directories.
  6. ChaosFish
    2011-07-04 17:52
    Ok, I found out the real reason it was gone. Believe it or not... some time ago someone hacked into my site, but was kind enough to just leave a message warning me about the security problem and leave everything in tact except for some PHP files he planted in some directories. Boo was one of these directories, and either I or the hacked (don't remember) moved it someplace else after he was done with it. Anyway, I moved it back there. http://lba.fishos.cc/fans/boo/

  7. ChaosFish
    2011-07-04 17:38
    I'm in fact not kidding.
  8. SpaceGuitarist
    2011-07-04 17:13
    ROFL, you're kidding right? (after all, considering it's boo, I wouldn't doubt this to be possible )
  9. ChaosFish
    2011-07-04 00:07
    I don't remember I did that, but if I removed Boo's images it was probably because of all the people who registered to the MBN after writing "Boo" on Google's Images and opened threads asking for info about her.
  10. SpaceGuitarist
    2011-07-01 00:53
    Btw, since you're back, you might as well explain THIS:


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