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Conversation Between Darkflame and J McKalling
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  1. J McKalling
    2013-01-15 10:47
    J McKalling
    Ah ok! That's fine though, don't rush into anything.
    Looking forward to seeing your reply,
  2. Darkflame
    2013-01-15 07:51
    Dont worry, I saw No time yet for a reply - it needs thinking about and I am exhausted :P
  3. J McKalling
    2013-01-14 20:13
    J McKalling
    ....ah that's good to know.
    Well could you check once then for me? I've sent you an email, and was wondering whether you had read it.
  4. Darkflame
    2013-01-14 03:02
    ummm...not really. Its forwarded to my gmail folder "hotmail" but then I hardly check the folder as its 90% spam.
  5. J McKalling
    2013-01-13 17:32
    J McKalling
    Hey DF, do you still read your hotmail?
  6. J McKalling
    2012-12-23 15:48
    J McKalling
    Wasn't the server somewhere in america nevertheless though? Had read something like that, may be wrong though.
  7. Darkflame
    2012-12-23 13:59
    yes, perhaps thats not so good. If this country floods the MBN is doomed!
  8. J McKalling
    2012-12-23 12:30
    J McKalling
    Ah, that's great! I knew it I already moved when I was eight though, so I'm likely better in Dutch than you lol. But this means both the admins life in holland.
  9. Darkflame
    2012-12-22 22:19
    Basically yes, uk born but moved over a few years back
  10. J McKalling
    2012-12-22 20:19
    J McKalling
    Hey DF, I was just looking at some page, and noticed your location says "NL", which is the country code for the netherlands. But I sure do remember you weren't dutch before, am I right? Or have/had you moved or something like I did?

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