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Conversation Between Polaris and Streg
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  1. Streg
    2014-08-18 22:31
    I just got back today. Hope you have fun
  2. Polaris
    2014-08-10 00:38
    Aannd the time of the year when I'll be away from comp is coming near. Expect an answer to all the August posts in September
  3. Streg
    2014-01-07 19:59
    I'm late but Thanks!
  4. Polaris
    2014-01-04 14:54
    Happy Birthday
  5. Streg
    2013-06-07 01:31
    technically, yes, but most of the times there's always something wrong with what uni's website says. Still, my last exam for this year is in jenuary... and it sums up with the first exams from the final year thats still in jenuary. I'm gonna cut my veins or something.
  6. Polaris
    2013-06-07 01:14
    You know what exams you'll have in January ???
  7. Streg
    2013-06-07 00:02
    Oh, and YOU need more exam periods. I'm fine as I am right now.
    1 Exam this month, one next month, two in september and 4 in jenuary. CHRIST.
  8. Polaris
    2013-06-06 01:08
    Last time I did something like this was last summer, after coming home from about one month of various vacations, Rex_Hollywood got pissed of because I revived threads
  9. Polaris
    2013-06-06 01:07
    We need more exam periods xD
  10. Streg
    2013-06-06 00:51
    Yep... good job I've seen so many new posts all at once... didn't happen for a loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong time.!

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