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Conversation Between Polaris and Ditzy Doo
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  1. Ditzy Doo
    2012-11-30 18:07
    Ditzy Doo
    vintl scratch. my names getting changed
  2. Ditzy Doo
    2012-11-04 06:22
    Ditzy Doo
    You choose Charmander? Well I choose squirtle!
  3. Ditzy Doo
    2012-03-01 03:46
    Ditzy Doo
    no no ditzy doo is the grey pegasis "Celestia" is an alicorn whos white .... ditzy doo has two names yeah
  4. Ditzy Doo
    2012-02-28 01:01
    Ditzy Doo
    Celestia? hehe watch the show ~winks~ shes the ruler pretty much... also her name is "ditzy doo" but most fans call her "Derpy" which just sounds rude to me
  5. Ditzy Doo
    2012-02-23 05:03
    Ditzy Doo
    OH MY CELESTIA! I HAVENT GIVEN YOU A MUFFINS! *gives muffin* here yea go! bai
  6. Ditzy Doo
    2012-02-18 05:14
    Ditzy Doo
    *hugs* i return no sadness
  7. Ditzy Doo
    2011-11-20 00:00
    Ditzy Doo
    Hi i'm new here and well you seem nice :3

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