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Conversation Between Kitarii and Streg
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  1. Kitarii
    2013-04-30 22:43
    Haha oh yeah, that was the one. I think you over simplified it when you explained it to me.
  2. Streg
    2013-04-30 17:44
    ahahha... not really funny, but Shadenfrade-ish
    I forgot about that thing, we don't do that stuff anymore
  3. Kitarii
    2013-04-30 13:03
    Streg's Eggs, don't you remember when you told me AAAAAAAAAAA was what you said when you found something funny?
  4. Streg
    2013-04-30 12:45
  5. Kitarii
    2013-04-29 20:57
  6. Kitarii
    2013-02-13 22:20
    Hello amigo!
  7. Streg
    2013-02-13 02:15
    Look who's back
  8. Kitarii
    2008-12-15 17:02
    Sir, I will fight you to the death.
  9. Streg
    2008-12-15 16:52
    I think I should start a flame war against you for that.
  10. Kitarii
    2008-12-15 16:34
    I just deleted a post of yours because it was a reply to a bunnyrabbot sockpuppet.
    Hope that's okay, it was just random without his post (which is gone now).

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