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Conversation Between J McKalling and marcosmapf
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  1. J McKalling
    2014-04-21 13:40
    J McKalling
    I'm not completely sure what you mean, but I know that in the original pc game, if you throw the magic ball in any direction in a scene that has a key on the floor somewhere, the magic ball will automatically target the key regardless of your distance to the key or facing direction. I do not know whether it actually goes through walls too, if they are in the way. Regardless, this doesn't sound like a bug, but rather a powerful magnetic feature of the ball.

    Thanks for asking me this! I suggest you ask this sort of questions in this thread. You can ask any question there related to the content of the Twinsuniverse.
  2. marcosmapf
    2014-04-21 13:28
    I see, that's cool
    Those things are interesting for me, since I almost chose that to study in my university, but I still have very little knowledge about 'em

    Btw, I've found something in the game, but I'm not sure if its a bug or not. If you kill an enemy in any part of the game, and that said enemy drops a key, whenever you throw your magic ball in the same map, doesn't matter where in it you are, the magic ball "magnetic properties" will make it follow the key and grab it, even going throw walls to do so. I've taken some prints just in case, but as I'm not sure if its a bug or not, I rather check it before with you
  3. J McKalling
    2014-04-21 13:13
    J McKalling
    Haha yeah. As a programmer you learn to do simple techniques like that.
    For me it doesn't matter what language I'm using because I know an incredible amount of base techniques.
    If I want to achieve something in any language, I just make sure I know how to perform the known techniques in that language.

    This particular technique was called right-aligning.
    css: "float:right", "text-align:right" or "position:relative; right:0px;"
    html < 5: <td align="right"></td>
    bbcode: [FLOAT=right][/FLOAT]

    And to be able to "show" bbcode, I use yet another technique
  4. marcosmapf
    2014-04-21 12:40
    Hey, I was going to add a few more glitches that I found on my second run to through the game on the thread, and I was wondering, how did you manage to add the images to the right side of the post, instead of the middle of it? Also, I'm going to post the text alone, and update the image later, as I am not home.

    Edit: Forget it, found out how you've done it
  5. marcosmapf
    2014-04-09 22:53
    Just found out my cellphone has a built-in screenshot feature, so no worries about that
  6. marcosmapf
    2014-04-09 22:21
    I think its an interesting idea to create two separate threads - One for discussion, and one for detailing the bugs, with as much as information as possible (such as how to recreate it, which conditions trigger it, etc.)

    I'm getting some free time next week due to easter holiday, so I might re-play the game (I'm currently finishing the himilayi mountains) just to search for those bugs. I also need to install an screenshot app so I can post the pictures here.

    When you told me "You enable the thread so I can do it myself", you meant that I can now merge the posts from other threads to that thread? But don't you have to be an admin to do so? (I don't want to re-post the bugs under my name, as I'm not the one who found them... it would be unfair to do so)
  7. J McKalling
    2014-04-09 12:19
    J McKalling
    You mean the Twinsuniverse thread :P? Twinsunica is the name of the older website that is going to be replaced by the Twinsuniverse one. Glad you can post in there, so everything has been setup just fine.

    Of cource I want to merge the post about bugs into the thread, but I haven't got a lot of time myself at the moment. I'll start on it as soon as I continue with the Twinsuniverse though. In the mean time, I enabled the thread for you to do it yourself should you want to, so that you don't have to wait for me.

    Good idea to post a news message. We have to keep in mind though, that this thread is only for bugs collection, not discussions. So they can and may still create individual threads.
  8. marcosmapf
    2014-04-09 02:08
    Yea, I can post in the Twinsunica thread (and the sub-forum aswell) without permission, so don't worry about that. Could you merge the posts that are describing bugs to that thread? It would feel much more organized if everything was at only one place. Also, if possible, we could use an announcement on the front page of the forums telling people to only post bugs on that thread, as the link to the thread is kinda hidden in one of the random threads of the forums.
  9. J McKalling
    2014-04-09 00:45
    J McKalling
    Did you check whether you can post in the forum, with or without joining? I'd like to know, otherwise I'd need to (let an admin) fix the permissions.

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