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Conversation Between Twinsan and SpaceGuitarist
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  1. SpaceGuitarist
    2013-07-29 21:56
    I am not reading your posts, but I did overview what Battler was saying about me in my defense, butthead.

    As for my reply not being "good enough to calm you down". For someone who's never been nice to anyone here on the forums, it seems you have a vague idea of what that is. For example, the very fact I am bothering to write something here for you instead of just ignoring you to your own lonely, sad, dark pit of sorrow you always seem to be in, should give you a hint. Do you think I care to win an argument on the internet? specially with someone like you? no, I don't. I really don't care about what others or you may think of me. But I do know you're a human being, that in the core you're a nice guy, and you've been hurt, and I'm doing my best to tell you the truth.

    If you just want to keep hitting your head on the wall though, then it's beyond me.
  2. SpaceGuitarist
    2013-07-29 18:06
    You know.
    You say noone shown you sympathy on the issue.
    But you ignored the first person who did so: me.

    My first post in the allegations thread said:
    "obviously the troller used some proxy, maybe even a brazillian one, so the best way to settle your doubts is: You have my word that I didn't do it. There, now rest your brain on the matter."

    Why did I say rest your brain? because I know how much it hurts when things like this happen, I know I would feel hurt if someone did this to me, so the very first thing I told you was something to calm you down and help you find the solution faster, instead of being angry myself by your false accusations. I was the most sympathetic person ever. So don't you go raging about how noone gave a shit about your feelings, because that's a lie.

  3. Twinsan
    2013-07-07 19:15
    as the rabbibunny said to twinsen before he entered the sewers of Dr. funFrocks secret fortress.

    Good Luck
  4. SpaceGuitarist
    2013-07-07 19:09
    That's it.
    You just won a ban.

    I hope you get it effectively; and next time, learn not to accuse people before you got proof. I already pointed out the whole IP thing is bullshit.

    If you want to believe lies because you're desperate to find out who did it, it's your problem. Sorry for whatever happened, but it does not concern me.
  5. Twinsan
    2013-06-06 04:17
  6. Twinsan
    2013-05-10 05:56
    sarcasm dose not become you
  7. SpaceGuitarist
    2013-05-10 05:56
    Congratulations, you're a hero.
  8. Twinsan
    2013-05-10 05:55
    so i am defending my girl friend over being the bigger man and saying nothing, if thats a crime, i am guilty in the first degree.
  9. SpaceGuitarist
    2013-05-10 05:54
    And so would you, Twinsan, so would you.
  10. Twinsan
    2013-05-10 05:53
    And i probaly should mention if you were the bigger man you would ignore it and leave, but apparently your not

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