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Conversation Between Dino-Fly and Streg
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  1. Dino-Fly
    2009-02-23 19:15
    Yay to greatest Italian MBN member.
  2. Dino-Fly
    2008-12-15 20:47
    It's a pleasure to have a friend who doesn't hold grudges.
  3. Dino-Fly
    2008-12-15 20:16
    Hey, soz for not being on MSN.
  4. Streg
    2008-12-15 17:55
    first you order me to get my butt here
    then you don't say shit
    you FUCKA
  5. Dino-Fly
    2008-12-15 17:35
    *in American accent*
    Geet ye butt down ta MSN, ya rat.
  6. Dino-Fly
    2008-12-11 01:54
    Hey, please go online on MSN, I need to have a chat.
  7. Streg
    2008-12-01 23:39
  8. Dino-Fly
    2008-12-01 23:24
    Hey, I went paintballing today, and I would tell you the details if you just went online on MSN.
  9. Dino-Fly
    2008-11-18 23:55
    On the contrary, the wather doesn't exist, whatever it is.
  10. Streg
    2008-11-18 23:50
    what do you say? i thought in africa the wather was hot!

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