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Conversation Between Kobold and Kitarii
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  1. Kitarii
    2010-02-22 16:01
    Hey Kobold, what were those DS games you recommended me a while? I'm thinking of buying some now and don't really know what looks good apart from spirit tracks... Was Phantom Hourglass worth getting?
  2. Kitarii
    2009-04-27 16:03
    I let him know, but it seems totally random whether it works or not, so I'm not sure there's anything we can actually do about it...
  3. Kobold
    2009-04-26 20:23
    We actually do have a quoting bug. Any capital letters in quotes become small when you let it quote automatically, I had that before. Maybe you could report it to El.
  4. Kitarii
    2009-04-13 14:35
    I've got two weeks of holiday (which should be work and revision) then a couple of weeks of exams and then I think I'm basically done! So I should be ready to start work again when you are.
  5. Kobold
    2009-04-10 23:43
    Talking about LBG, my free time is approaching in about two months, which is when my final exams will be done. When do you thing you will have free time?
  6. Kitarii
    2008-11-10 18:27
    They're pretty cool, very much social networking.
    Anyway yeah, just say hola whenever you're on.
  7. Kobold
    2008-11-10 14:51
    So let's hope these visitor messages prevent some useless threads we had in the past.
    If you have the time, we could talk about some private stuff on MSN later today.

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