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Conversation Between J McKalling and Kasia
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  1. Kasia
    2012-12-08 00:20
    It's getting better, I think we're on a good path to catch up with the western countries...
  2. J McKalling
    2012-12-07 23:58
    J McKalling
    Maybe not, but that's you call
  3. Kasia
    2012-12-07 23:51
    52° N, 21° E is quite easy to decipher, I guess. It's not a secret or anything...
  4. J McKalling
    2012-12-07 23:48
    J McKalling
    Nah I didn't, but maybe I will, there's so many ones I've yet to see.
    And aye, I know, but I didn't just wanna shout out your location like that.

    Have been in Poland before, quite nice people. Sad there's a gap between wealth though.
  5. Kasia
    2012-12-07 23:46
    That's from "Amelie", haven't you seen that movie? It's beautiful.
    Oh, I don't live SOMEWHERE in Poland, I'm from the capital city...
  6. J McKalling
    2012-12-07 23:33
    J McKalling
    Ah it was because your profile subtitle seemed french. But I just looked better at your "About me", and it says you live in Poland somewhere, so my bad.
  7. Kasia
    2012-12-07 23:31
    I'm not French, sadly. Why do you think I am ?
  8. J McKalling
    2012-12-07 23:29
    J McKalling
    Hia Kasia! You remind me of a french friend I had ages ago, funny girl that was.

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