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Conversation Between J McKalling and Twinsan
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  1. J McKalling
    2013-06-05 19:52
    J McKalling
    Well you'd need to kill one of the green skater guys to get a key, and use that on the chest with the token to get it out.
    And there are a lot of threads about the JSB, it should not be too difficult to figure out by now. If you don't want to play LBA in the first place, then what are you doing?
  2. J McKalling
    2013-06-05 19:42
    J McKalling
    Hey Twinsan! Why do you mean? Without magic level red?
    Look here.

    Wait, what? Running pikawhat? This is an LBA forum!
  3. J McKalling
    2013-05-25 01:46
    J McKalling
    You can finish the game at that point, only if you also get all four fragments of the key, unless you can prove the ManualCX challenge
  4. J McKalling
    2013-05-25 01:44
    J McKalling
    Yes. You can play through all of the game without any magic levels, up to the point where you need to raise the statue of Dark Monk.
    But you cannot finish it without getting fire level.
  5. J McKalling
    2013-05-19 10:57
    J McKalling
    Well, you succeeded in that Twin Nice play with words and emotion.
    I wouldn't think it's a breakup poem, now that you changed that part.
  6. J McKalling
    2013-05-19 02:25
    J McKalling
    Stellar! I like the new version, it's much clearer now
  7. J McKalling
    2013-05-13 22:08
    J McKalling
    Nope, I'm too busy right now. On an interesting project called "Proto-Editor", a map editor for my GameEngine for the web.
  8. J McKalling
    2013-05-06 00:22
    J McKalling
    Hmm, no I don't know anything about dosbox myself. Try Battler, I know he does.
  9. J McKalling
    2013-04-25 11:41
    J McKalling
    Aye... I know. I'm very busy though, that's why I'm not really so active. And my PM box is at 90%..

    I'm a bit sick, have been for a week or so. Getting better now, so I started working again. So how are you doing?
  10. J McKalling
    2013-03-17 12:04
    J McKalling
    Hmm, by official definition, yes.
    But I am a believer of some kind, eventhough unaligned to any religion.

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