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Conversation Between J McKalling and Twinsan
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  1. J McKalling
    2013-01-26 18:24
    J McKalling
    I think she might not understand where your responses are coming from.
    I guess you should try not to be provoked by anything, because, no matter how hard you might feel about something, reacting hard on it makes it only worse.
  2. J McKalling
    2013-01-26 17:54
    J McKalling
    Well I never said I dit not appreciate it. But you could have put them all in one thread, or just on your computer by some means..

    Several threads about some on their own meaningless numbers, isn't going to be welcomed. However, in one place, it's awesome.
  3. J McKalling
    2013-01-19 17:26
    J McKalling
    Other than these, I don't think there are big images of Twinsen there though. I haven't gone through these kind of files yet, while moving it over to the Twinsuniverse, but I fear these are just all it has nevertheless.
    I guess you'll have to create your own big one, maybe someone can manage to tamper enough with ingame-material to create a real looking portrait, but that's all I can think of... Sorry
  4. J McKalling
  5. J McKalling
    2013-01-10 11:59
    J McKalling
    Hi Twinsan, I remembered you were on my friendslist, but I forgot to add you back.
    So here we go
  6. J McKalling
    2013-01-08 10:46
    J McKalling
    No really, I meant you *should* wait for the KBT. Because there's not much you can do at the KB forums, other than giving me more work to merge
  7. J McKalling
    2013-01-07 23:53
    J McKalling
    Nice phrasing! Well there is only one KB Team, and you can join yourself by requesting it here. But I suggest you wait for the Twinsuniverse to open it's doors for new accounts, as it is replacing the entire Knowledge Base here on the forums.
  8. J McKalling
    2013-01-07 10:31
    J McKalling
    It makes me less intolerant towards you.
  9. J McKalling
    2013-01-07 01:16
    J McKalling
    Just, my knowledge of Asperger is far greater than of you. Saying you have it, makes me understand the more intrinsical reasons why and how you come up with certain responses, that could otherwise offend others.

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