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Conversation Between Streg and Dino-Fly
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  1. Dino-Fly
    2013-01-04 23:47
    Yeah I bet we do mate. I remember our MSN conversations, feels like ages ago...good times though
  2. Streg
    2013-01-03 13:10
    Good to see u here... I bet we have much to talk... I'll catch you on facebook sooner or later!
  3. Dino-Fly
    2013-01-03 09:05
    I'm back! And happy brithday haha
  4. Streg
    2012-12-30 04:21
    Where did u fly to, you dinofuck? You forgot about your good friends?
  5. Dino-Fly
    2009-03-14 01:26
    You sick Italian.
  6. Streg
    2009-03-14 01:22
    guess what? i pwn you at page visiststststststs!!!
  7. Dino-Fly
    2009-03-04 00:03
    14 more visits than you.
    Slow but steady improvement.
  8. Dino-Fly
    2009-02-25 16:32
    11 more visits than you.

    All I need to do is make some interesting posts on the MBN and I'll be well ahead of you.
  9. Streg
    2009-02-24 12:13
    i'm on 400 visits too... you just have 8 more! Arghhhhh gotta get ya!
  10. Streg
    2009-02-24 02:38
    you said it niggah!

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