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Conversation Between LtDemolition and J McKalling
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  1. LtDemolition
    2013-01-29 23:58
    Hey Jack, I didn't have much time to, but I'll make sure I check it out tomorrow!
    Thanks for reminding
  2. J McKalling
    2013-01-29 23:51
    J McKalling
    Hey, how did the file upload go? I haven't seen anything coming up.
    Keep me posted
  3. J McKalling
    2013-01-22 00:01
    J McKalling
    I'm sorry for the downtime earlier today. For some reason, the server was unreachable and redirected to another DNS. But we're back again, I hope it didn't affect you.
  4. J McKalling
    2013-01-21 15:25
    J McKalling
    Hey Lt.D,
    Aye, snow'll always be one of my favorite landscapers.

    Well, there are still a lot of Characters in the Knowledge Base that aren't merged yet. If you like, you could merge these. It shouldn't be too difficult. Just copy the main body texts from the post into the article, rewrite if it duplicates info, and save the article with a "merged" comment. If you'd notify me of the posts that you merged, I'll take care of the posts themselves.

    But if you don't like this, there's always something else to do, just ask, this is just the first thing that I see needs doing.
  5. LtDemolition
    2013-01-21 14:27
    Hey Jack, still enjoying the snow?

    I took a closer look at the Twinsuniverse, seems like pretty much of the info is already covered. So is there anything I can do right now or...
  6. J McKalling
    2013-01-17 12:05
    J McKalling
    Hey! Well, I kinda like snow. It's like everything is covered in a beautiful white blanket.
    Traffic's a bitch though.

    But I'm fine, doing great at work while slowly progressing. And at home finishing all Twinsunica imports of cource. I'm now at approx. 54% of all the media files, and 63% of all content pages.
  7. LtDemolition
    2013-01-17 10:28
    Hey Jack! Pretty good

    Almost finished my internship and going back to school next month
    I've already had it with this snow and freezing temperatures...

    So how did this year started out for you?
  8. J McKalling
    2013-01-16 22:33
    J McKalling
    Hey Lt.D, so how did new year started out for you?
  9. J McKalling
    2012-12-06 12:06
    J McKalling
    That's right, I'm busy with work as well. It should have been finished by now if I hadn't.
    But take your time, no one is rushing you, only the entire community lol - nah just kidding.

    Cheers, Jack
  10. LtDemolition
    2012-12-06 10:07
    Hey Jack, yeah I'm cool just very busy with work and stuff. I saw your message and will take a look, but can't promise anything at this time.


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