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Conversation Between Mia and SpaceGuitarist
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  1. Mia
    2012-12-02 19:30
    I feel clever - I worked out that your user title is SGK in Morse Code. Even if you didn't put spaces between the two dashes for G.
  2. SpaceGuitarist
    2012-11-28 03:13
    *phew* !
  3. Mia
    2012-11-27 22:31
    Being stalked is, contrary to popular opinion, not flattering. You're not a very creepy stalker, though, so that's something.
  4. SpaceGuitarist
    2012-11-27 17:16
    Yes, it seems you did. Does that flatter you somehow, hmm?
  5. Mia
    2012-11-22 15:17
    To be fair, most people should know that. Or when asked why polar bears don't eat Penguins simply reply "because they can't get the wrappers off!" (Penguin is a popular chocolate biscuit here).
    Anyway, seems like I've acquired a stalker...
  6. SpaceGuitarist
    2012-11-22 02:53
    Well well well, this explains your incredible knowledge.
  7. Mia
    2012-11-21 20:42
    That's just who I am. And you will never know why! I live with all the penguins and one polar bear who got a little bit lost...
  8. SpaceGuitarist
    2012-11-20 18:38
    "Lady Kayleigh, Queen of the Republic of Antarctica"

    lolwut ??

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