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Conversation Between J McKalling and Twinsan
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  1. J McKalling
    2013-07-30 20:17
    J McKalling
    Hmm, that would indeed be more convenient, and I would be so kind, but I haven't got time to chat. I don't have any IRC program and I can't run my browser in the background, so I'd only come to chat if there is specific purpose...

    ...and since MSN merged with skype, I gave up on the concept of chatting altogether.
  2. Twinsan
    2013-07-30 19:54
    I wish to speak with you in private, if you'd be so kind to come onto lba for greater convince of speaking than via pm on the mbn.
  3. J McKalling
    2013-07-30 00:19
    J McKalling
    Thanks Twinsan, I'm very glad you've come to apologise.
    As long as you recognise you could have behaved better, it's forgiven.
  4. Twinsan
    2013-07-30 00:17
    i was thinking it was best to put the past behind us. This whole, zee and sgk bussiness is just a load of crap and I am sorry for what I have done.
  5. J McKalling
    2013-06-10 20:04
    J McKalling
    I'm fine btw! Just very, very busy. I try not to work on different projects at once.
  6. J McKalling
    2013-06-05 20:26
    J McKalling
    So, go back to one of the three entrances, get on the suit and JSB over the inner door to go laser.
    See why they are useful
  7. J McKalling
    2013-06-05 20:24
    J McKalling
    Oh, you're talking 'bout the other guy, still inside the main building. The one immediately close to his cell is level green.

    The other one can be killed with the spacesuit
  8. J McKalling
    2013-06-05 20:22
    J McKalling
    Man, he's level green and never a problem for the blowgun. Why are you asking?
    I mean, are you even trying?
  9. J McKalling
    2013-06-05 20:14
    J McKalling
    Obviously! You've been cheating that milestone with the protection spell all along
    But the JSB takes patience, if you're hurrying it's not going to work. You need to keep hitting ESC in the split second after loading the save, to save and reload it again, but it matters hugely how fast you do this. The faster you do it, the longer you have to keep doing it. The slower you are at it, the less successful the JSB will be.
  10. J McKalling
    2013-06-05 19:54
    J McKalling
    And the blowgun is implicit green level, so you can kill them with that regardless of powerlevel. You don't need magic.

    Just don't forget NOT to use any doors, or you'll lose any keys again.

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