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Conversation Between ChaosFish and Jasiek
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  1. Jasiek
    2010-06-17 15:03
    What's with this /non availability/ thing?
  2. ChaosFish
    2010-03-12 01:56
    "Will you marry me?" "No, you don't have enough money." *an apple falls* "Oh, so that how gravity works? Now that I know, I'll make a flying taxi and get rich!"
    Ugh! FTW!

    They don't make games like that anymore...
  3. Jasiek
    2010-03-12 01:00
    Ugh maaan!
  4. ChaosFish
    2009-10-25 18:04
    I think this new world will definitely be build. Evolution. If it's a good idea, it will be the idea that survives.

    When I watched the clip (before the ending) I actually thought they were trying to say "cheer up, destruction and violence isn't such a sad thing, it's evolution".
  5. Jasiek
    2009-10-25 14:19
    I don't think so... the whole time it was being a bit ironic, that althogh there's evolution nothing is really changing, and that the human evolution is bent on destruction and death. I don't agree with that idea that much... however, it makes you think that a clean slate would be cool - the knowledge and the tehnological capabilities we possess minus all the religious and historical bull. A "new world" of sorts, without all the background. I'd like to build something like that one day.
  6. ChaosFish
    2009-10-20 23:58
    Woo, cool clip, I liek. But I felt that in the end they kinda sent the opposite message... First it was "It's evolution baby", and then it became "We're not gonna evolve much further, the end is nigh".
  7. Jasiek
    2009-10-20 20:39
    Pearl Jam - Do The Evolution
  8. ChaosFish
    2009-10-20 16:28
    Seriously though, what's your avatar?
  9. ChaosFish
    2009-09-27 15:27
    You're on to me
    So where's your avatar from? I recon it's something to do with some evolution?
  10. Jasiek
    2009-09-27 15:17
    I just realised the meaning of your new avatar. There's a small fish in it! Surrounded by chaos! And it looks a bit like your previous one with the paint-made face!

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