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Conversation Between Streg and SpaceGuitarist
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  1. Streg
    2012-05-01 04:30
    thx for the hand there dude, really . Just try to not get in trouble for me now :P
    seems like ppl thinks we're ganging up on random guys, like if we spent time chatting to decide who we might attack next... It's so clear we just share the same point of view on this stuff.
    on a side note, it would be great to have a chat with you sometimes, if we ever catch up!
  2. Streg
    2012-01-25 14:59
    no problem Too bad we're only a few over there
  3. SpaceGuitarist
    2012-01-25 14:37
    (PS: Thanks for warning me!)
  4. SpaceGuitarist
    2012-01-25 14:33
    WTF !!! O_O

    Well, anyway, don't worry, you can always acess it via the link in my signature.
  5. Streg
    2012-01-25 14:23
    the fiction board is full of spam, I can't even find the original story. Why don't we try again here on the mbn? With more strict rules?
  6. Streg
    2012-01-15 03:08
    I used to write a lot back to some months ago. Me and a friend of mine even made a book and sent it to several publishing houses, but still no luck. I'm in that part of the year I call "fantasy stop" in which I can't come up with anything at all... I still might translate the beginning of another book I was writing tho... wait for it in the next days, I'll let you know
  7. SpaceGuitarist
    2012-01-14 17:35
    Streggy if you feel the story I've created is difficult, remember you can always make your own - maybe your fic will have more sucess!

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