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Conversation Between cyrus and Courgette
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  1. cyrus
    2013-06-04 13:22
    Hi =) How is it going?
  2. cyrus
    2011-05-03 22:17
    Paris certainly is a beautiful city. But I meant that you can recommend other great places in France. Paris is very famous throughout world. I'm sure there are many other wonderful cities in France. Can you tell me about it?
  3. Courgette
    2011-04-30 14:23
    You should see Paris, I guess ^^
  4. cyrus
    2011-04-28 21:58
    I don't know yet. Where would you recommend to go?
  5. Courgette
    2011-04-26 11:42
    I'm going there for my studies Where do you wanna go in France?
  6. cyrus
    2011-04-25 19:21
    What you gonna do in England? I want to visit Europe next year. Maybe I'll go to France.
  7. Courgette
    2011-04-21 21:07
    I don't know him (Actually, the only russian song I know is that: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ozmUQuxF_2Q xDD) but I've just listened to one of his song and I kinda like it
    Well, I don't really have plans for the future... Next year I'm going to England for 4 month, though. And you?
  8. cyrus
    2011-04-20 22:10
    I play different music but mostly it's a something melodic compositions (for example, Greensleeves). Also I like a Boris Grebenshikov's works (maybe you heard). His band called Aquarium. They acted in concert in Royal Albert Hall some time ago. So you have big family, I thing it great! But it's sad that you don't see them very often. Well, what are your future plans? May be trip or something else?
  9. Courgette
    2011-04-20 21:15
    I enjoy all kind of musics but i have a preference for rock... My favorite band is Green Day, I saw them twice And you, what kind of music do you play with your guitar?
    And yes, I have 2 brothers and 1 sister but I don't see them very often for they're all married and have kids...
  10. cyrus
    2011-04-20 19:16
    Gigs huh? So you like a music... What kind of music do you like? I'm 22. I spend my spare time with guitar (I call it "Black Pearl" like a ship in a "Pirates of the Caribbean"). Also I spend time with my brother and my friends. Do you have a brothers or sisters?

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